Audeze LCD-2 Headphone Upgrade

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The Audeze LCD-2 headphone was introduced in Oct 2009 with no significant changes until now. Audeze is now introducing the Revision 2 transducer / driver to the LCD-2. LCD-2 shipments from middle of June incorporate the revision2 of the driver.

The Revision 2 transducer has the same mechanical construction as original transducer, but uses, newly developed, thinner and more reliable diaphragm material. While the overall sound of the headphones remains similar to the former, the new driver is said to offer the following: more extended low frequencies (flat to 5 Hz), smoother and more transparent midrange, more pronounced, detailed and extended high frequencies. The Revision 2 is meant to address feedback received that the original LCD2 was darker in the high frequencies than other top of the line headphones.

The update should provide substantial improvement in sound quality, sound resolution and especially imaging, which is wider, more stable and 3 dimensional. Fans of the LCD-2 will be even more impressed with the updated performance.

In addition, based on customer request, a leather headband option is now available on the LCD-2, which is a drop in replacement for those who own the current version. The headband is wrapped with high quality, very soft lamb skin leather with memory foam cushions to give the user a maximum comfort. The headband can be ordered directly from Audeze. In August, leather free options (both headband and earpads) will be made available.

Pricing is as follows:

LCD-2 with the current headband – $945 U.S. (no increase with revision 2);

LCD-2 with optional leather headband is $995 U.S.

Leather Headband – $100 U.S. (with headband and blocks)

Headband assembly (with yoke, pins etc) – $140 U.S.

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