Audio Audit App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

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The Audio Audit is an innovative app designed which offers a reference sound generator and several uncompressed music files for the purpose of setting up, testing and burn-in speakers, headphones and audio components.  The app is capable of “listening” to a music system and can display various characteristics of its sound.  The Audio Audit is available as a free download (for a limited time) from iTunes –

The application consists of six main parts:

  1. Frequency generator – serve as a generator of sinusoidal frequency
  2. Noise Generator – generates different types of noise
  3. Adjusting of the stereo base – useful tool for setting a stereo base
  4. Indication of inverted phase
  5. Records for testing – contains five test records without compression for assessment of audio quality
  6. Microphone – easy tool for ambient measurement with graphics precise indicators

Key features of the Audio Audit

  • determine the frequency range loudspeaker systems
  • finding the frequency characteristics of the audio set
  • control stereo base, left channel plays on the left and right channel on the right side
  • finding the balance of the right and left channel (play left and right side equally loud?)
  • detection of parasitic resonances and disturbing sounds
  • detection of inverted phases
  • burn-in speakers (The new speakers are recomended to burn-in. For this purpose you can use one of the available noise.)
  • test the sound quality after adjustment
  • all sounds are uncompressed (“it´s pure”) audio files: PCM 44100Hz, 16bit, 2channel (stereo) – CD Quality
  • sound level can be controlled only by hardware buttons on the device

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