Audio Physic CLASSIC Speakers – the 2013 “Spring Collection”

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Audio Physic CLASSIC Speakers – the 2013 Spring Collection

The new CLASSIC “Spring Collection” from Audio Physic was a big hit at this year’s Munich High End show.  The CLASSIC line speakers’ new high?gloss glass finishes are available in 8 very stylish colours and promoted visitors to ooh and awe while pressing against the window display of the Audio Physic room. Besides the cool new finishes, this was also an opportunity to hear two new models coming out of Brilon.

The CLASSIC Line has a new flagship, called the CLASSIC 30 in keeping with the manufacturers nomenclature for their value oriented CLASSIC Line which was first introduced last year on the same premises and has since grown to a complete speaker line which includes 3 floor standers, a bookshelf/monitor, subwoofer, center channel speaker and on?wall loudspeakers ranging from under $1,700.00 to about $7,000.00.  All the models are available in real wood and 10 different high?gloss glass finishes that are virtually scratch?resistant and easy to maintain; a squirt of window cleaner and a quick wipe will restore their original sheen and beauty.

The CLASSIC 30 shares its front drivers and with the CLASSIC 10 to achieve a narrow baffle and offers great bass response with surprising depth, detail and impact by using two internally mounted woofers loaded by a relatively large internal volume thanks to the depth of the enclosure that makes this a very rich and full sounding speaker while remaining visually unobtrusive, owing to its narrow baffle and footprint.

At the other end of the spectrum, the new AVANTERA+PLUS is an optional upgraded version of this highly acclaimed loudspeaker that uses structural elements of ceramic foam to stiffen the cabinet and act as diffusers in the low frequency chambers; and new diffuser panels in the midrange and WBT Nextgen AgTM connectors at the input terminals, elements of which are also used to mechanically decouple the tweeter. Like the Virgo 25+ PLUS , the AVANTERA+PLUS won’t replace the standard AVANTERA which stays current; it completes the Audio Physic Reference line, offering an additional high?performance option to customers.

For more info, please visit  Audio Physic is distributed in North America by Goerner Communication | | 514-833-1977.

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