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MarkAudio-SOTA invites you to “hear our difference” with their formal introduction to the North American market and the launch of a new website with 3 unique new loudspeaker products. The company combines the incredible talents of a truly global team of experts in driver, crossover and cabinet engineering to build unique, wideband audiophile speakers from the ground up. MarkAudio-SOTA uses all-range drivers in their new Viotti One, Cesti B, and Cesti Tower speakers, which help create an acoustically accurate, symmetrical sound field. All three models are available exclusively from the company’s website and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

MarkAudio-SOTA started their dream team of designers when they recruited engineer Mark Fenlon of Markaudio, Ltd., a renowned manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers for the custom-build and OEM markets. They then integrated Dr. Scott Lindgren’s technical box alignment and elegant crossover design to work seamlessly with Mark’s custom dual drivers. These were all built into the elegant styling of Italian designer Andrea Ponti’s cabinet concept for the Viotti One, and Ball Chan’s designs for the Cesti B and Cesti Tower. The combination creates truly unique and authentic High-Fidelity loudspeakers that efficiently reproduce music as it was recorded.

MarkAudio-SOTA Dream Team

All cabinets, crossovers and speaker drivers are engineered in tandem to create an end product that exceeds the sum of its premium parts. Many manufacturers choose off-the-shelf components that aren’t always a perfect match to their system design target.

The wide dispersion and shallow-profile cone drivers replace conventional cone-woofer and dome-tweeter combinations. With matched dispersion and output characteristics, along with a low order crossover slope, the two custom-made Sota drivers provide a seamless integration between high and low frequencies. This integration results in a smooth, natural output and soundstage that affords a wider range of seating positions, allowing several people to hear a top quality performance simultaneously.

MarkAudio-SOTA’s unique All-Range driver approach offers the rich midrange that is typical of a wide-range single speaker design, while providing a dynamic, full frequency range extending from 40Hz to 25kHz. The three dual driver speakers’ systems use different combinations of a custom-designed, 110mm (Sota 11) wide-range mid-bass driver mounted in a ported cabinet along with an acoustically isolated 50mm (Sota 5) tweeter. Both drivers use a low mass, mixed-alloy cone that generates exceedingly accurate audio transparency with incredible detail.

The company’s all-range drivers utilize a 2.4 kHz crossover frequency with gentle, 2nd order electrical and acoustic slopes that gradually blend the outputs, maximizing the advantages of their symmetric wide-dispersion drivers. The simple design, with few reactive components, also aids in amplifier matching, allowing MarkAudio-SOTA speakers to be easily driven by low-power designs. The result is a 2-way loudspeaker without any obvious crossover transition, and a smooth, transparent, yet dynamic and natural musical response especially apparent in vocal reproduction.

MarkAudio-SOTA’s free in-home trial period affords you the opportunity to “Hear Our Difference” for yourselves, risk free.

Highlights of the three models include:

Viotti One
MarkAudio-SOTA’s flagship 2-way, stand-mount loudspeakers combine a unique Italian design style with British engineering that follows the company’s “Hear Our Difference” credo. The speaker utilizes custom all-range symmetric driver technology to create a full range loudspeaker in an elegant and finely finished cabinet. Laminated dual-core panels and polymers provide enclosures of maximum strength and acoustic stability. The result is statement-level sound quality for the discerning listener. $2995/pair

Cesti B
MarkAudio-SOTA’s medium-sized, two-way bookshelf speaker utilizes custom all-range symmetric driver technology to create a full range loudspeaker. The speakers use a Billow waveguide baffle for optimum dispersion and accurate sound replication in smaller rooms. Styled with a clean, minimalist industrial design, the speakers are available in a finely lacquered finish and in three colors (black, red or white). $1895/pair

Cesti T
The flagship of the Cesti series expands on the Cesti B’s output. Twin Sota 11 bass-mid drivers increase the low frequency extension and enhance the dynamic range for larger rooms. The speakers utilize a Billow waveguide baffle for optimum dispersion in practical room environments. Styled with a clean, minimalist industrial design, the Cesti T tower speakers are available in three colors (black, red or white). $3495/pair

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The Montreal Audio Fest / Salon Audio Montreal show will bring audiophiles together from the Montreal area this coming Friday to Sunday (March 24 to 27) to see and hear the very latest hifi home products and headphone products.  This year’s show is also set to feature a live recording studio element, live music and a market place where you can pick up records and hifi accessories.

Three of us from the NOVO magazine (George de Sa, Frank Labonte and myself Suave Kajko) will be making the annual trip from Toronto.  Personally, this is the 14th year in a row I’ll be visiting the show — I haven’t missed a year to date :-)

Montreal Audio Fest will take place at the Bonaventure Hotel, in downtown Montreal, between March 24 and 26, 2017.

To see the exhibitor list and brands that will be shown at this year’s event, check out

Hope to see some of our readers at the show!

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Nearbuds for AirPods 01

Fabricate Incorporated will launch a crowdfunding campaign (April 4) to fund the production of magnetic clips with an adjustable strap designed for use with Apple’s AirPods. Nearbuds for AirPods can be conveniently stored for busy lifestyles, and ensure that you will never lose an expensive AirPod.

Canadian entrepreneur Luke MacKay came up with the concept back in January, 2017. Nearbuds for AirPods were born out of his fear of losing his Apple AirPods while on the go, and the frustration of never being certain where he’d left them in his house. The idea grew from an overfunded Kickstarter campaign of his back in 2014, where he launched his first product called, simply: “Nearbuds”. Nearbuds are magnetic clips designed for Apple’s wired EarPods, and they’ve been featured on, and, to name a few.

“With Nearbuds, we got the bright idea to attach magnets to the earbud and jack pieces of our EarPods. That way, we could fasten all three components together to stash them in a pocket or backpack, or just stick them to our fridge or a desk lamp at home. We also loved the idea of wearing them necklace style when we didn’t want them in our ears. This is the same innovative functionality that we’ve introduced to Apple’s new wireless AirPods.” said Luke.

Nearbuds for AirPods are made from powerful Neodymium magnets and durable, malleable plastics. Fabricate Inc. used “Snap-On” technology in their designs to ensure that no glues were required in the manufacturing process. This means the magnets will never come apart from their housings.

The Nearbuds for AirPods campaign will launch on the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, on April 4th, 2017 for a 35-day campaign. The campaign is looking to raise CA $25,000 (approx. $18,500 USD) by May 8, 2017. Perks include a special early bird price of a set of Nearbuds for AirPods for CA $25 (approx. $18.50 USD), as well as including bonus sets of the original Nearbuds, which are market-ready to deliver worldwide as soon as the campaign finishes. All products are designed in Canada.

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ELIPSON omega_100_turntable

Gem-Sen has been appointed by world-renowned French electroacoustics specialist Elipson to bring the innovative company’s products, including high-performance turntables, to Canadian music lovers.

Elipson’s turntables are made in France and feature their own tonearm design as well as a proprietary motor and speed control, and patented anti-skating tonearm technology. Unlike many turntable manufacturers, beautiful dust covers are standard. Options include moving magnet or moving coil phono stages, USB, and Bluetooth solutions, and Ortofon cartridges. Pricing ranges from C$499 to $899.

“We saw a large opportunity for our dealers to feature such unique design, and the new turntable line is in step with the resurgence of vinyl to satisfy growing demand for product that fits the décor while delivering a benchmark in performance.”, commented Mike O’Connor, Gem-Sen’s Vice-President of Sales. “There is a perfect fit between Elipson and our other Hi-Fi brands.” Gem-Sen’s Hi-Fi Division also distributes Acoustic Energy, Dynaudio, JL Audio, Krell, and WireWorld through a network of hi-fidelity reps and dealers across Canada.

Based in France, Elipson has been innovating in the field of electroacoustics for over 70 years. The company makes extensive use of its patents and state-of-the-art testing and manufacturing facilities to produce better sound and better aesthetic design. To learn more about Elipson turntables, please visit:

Gem-Sen Holdings Corporation’s Hi-Fi Division holds the Canadian distribution rights to Acoustic Energy, Dynaudio, Elipson Turntables, JL Audio, Krell, and WireWorld. To learn more about Gem-Sen, please visit:


U2 Special 30th Anniversary The Joshua Tree Vinyl LP and CD Box Set

This June, Interscope Records will release an anniversary edition of U2’s fifth studio album “The Joshua Tree” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this iconic album. This great, big boxed set will contain your choice of seven 180 gram LPs or four CDs. Accompanying the original 11-track album, the box set will include a live recording of The Joshua Tree Tour 1987 Madison Square Garden concert; rarities and B-sides from the album’s original recording sessions; as well as 2017 remixes from Daniel Lanois, St Francis Hotel, Jacknife Lee, Steve Lillywhite and Flood. Also included will be an 84-page hardback book of unseen personal photography shot by The Edge during the original Mojave Desert photo session in 1986.

Preorder The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary seven vinyl LP box set at this link
Or pre-order The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary four CD box set here


Alienology Audio T3TRA 3D Printed Speakers

3D printing is continuing to revolutionize the world that we live in and now you can even pick up a pair of 3D printed speakers.  California-based Alienology Audio has designed an attractive little 3D printed speaker for bookshelf, satellite and desktop use.  The speaker is said to offer clear and natural sound reproduction by combining a beautiful design and quality materials with physics and audio engineering expertise. The T3TRA features a unibody frame, without any seams or joints, eliminating conflicting vibrations and resonances.  Its funky appearance offers true sonic benefits since standing waves are diminished by eliminating parallel sides and edge diffraction is reduced by having rounded corners and fewer sides.  The speaker comes in two choices: the T3TRA ACTIVE model which has a built-in 20W amplifier and Bluetooth connectivity; as well as the passive (non-amplified) T3TRA CLASSIC model.  For more info, check out the company’s Kickstarter page.

Alienology Audio T3TRA 3D Printed Speakers 02



This year’s Montreal Audio Fest is coming up just two weeks from now.  The show is set to highlight many hifi and headphone systems, offer live recording studio sessions, live music and a marketplace.  Since the show is now run by a non-profit organization, admission is completely free.

Montreal Audio Fest will take place at the Bonaventure Hotel, in downtown Montreal, between March 24 and 26, 2017.

To see the exhibitor list and brands that will be shown at this year’s event, check out

We hope to see all of our readers at the show!


Paradigm Electronics Trade Up Event

Paradigm is allowing customers to save 20% off Monitor and Prestige Series speakers by trading in any brand of their old speakers, until April 30, 2017.  The Paradigm Monitor Series is an attractively priced range of speakers that offer audiophile performance.  The Paradigm Prestige Series on the other hand is the company’s newest speaker line, offering innovative technologies, smart engineering and outstanding performance.

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Sennheiser RS 5000 and RS 2000 Headphones 02

Sennheiser’s two ergonomically-designed TV headphones bring a refreshing approach to improving TV audio by adding exceptional sound performance, attractive modern designs and excellent quality and durability.

The RS 2000 and RS 5000 have been created to be very easy to set up and intuitive to use. Users can tailor the sound to meet their individual needs using the easy-to-operate volume and balance controls. Clear LED indicators for battery status and operating state on the receiver and base station add further to a system that is effortlessly simple to set up and use.

Naturally, ease of use is also increased by the freedom and flexibility of these wireless solutions. Leading-edge digital wireless technology ensures great sound. The RS 2000 features a 50-meter range while the RS 5000 offers an impressive 70 meters. Both models feature durable, integrated batteries that allow for up to 9 hours of consecutive use of the RS 2000 and even offer 12 hours of battery life for the RS 5000.

The RS 5000 additionally provides a choice of three hearing profiles to enhance TV, movies or music to further tailor the sound to personal listening requirements. It also features a unique Speech Intelligibility function that makes speech clearer and easier to understand by dynamically reducing TV background noise that may interfere with dialog.

Both new models have been designed to offer elegant, practical simplicity. The slim below-the-chin design provides comfortable ear bow pressure for any head size. Meanwhile, the base station has a sleek, high-end appearance, which makes a stylish yet subtle addition to one’s home entertainment system. When charging the durable integrated batteries, this unit serves as a smart docking station that lets the headset lie in a compact and tidy horizontal position.

RS 5000 and RS 2000 are part of Sennheiser’s new range of smart listening products which also includes the Flex 5000, a digital wireless audio system for headphones.

Sennheiser RS 5000 and RS 2000 Headphones 01


McIntosh MX122 01


McIntosh has just upgraded its MX122 A/V Processor to offer Control4’s Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) Certification.  The MX122 A/V Processor combines the best-in-class audio performance of the legendary McIntosh Reference System with the latest in home theater technology. It is fully compatible with 4K Ultra HD video sources and can upscale lower resolutions to 4K Ultra HD for the best possible picture quality. It offers full support for leading object-based 3D audio technologies Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D. All of this plus streaming audio capabilities allow it to serve as the center of an advanced home theater system for years to come.

SDDP is software that is built into a manufacturer’s product to make integration with a Control4 home automation system simple and seamless. By incorporating SDDP into the MX122 A/V Processor, installation complexity, configuration time and costs are reduced. It also helps alleviate potential incompatibility with other devices within home.

All MX122s that installed the November 2016 firmware update that added DTS:X support are compatible with Control4 SDDP. For any units that have not installed the November 2016 update, go to the following menu to update the firmware for DTS:X and Control4 SDDP compatibility: Setup > General > Firmware > Update > Check for Update > Update > Update Start. The update process, electrical supply and internet connection should not be interrupted during the firmware installation.

McIntosh MX122 02