Audeze Headphones Now Available in Canada Thanks to Erikson Consumer 01

Audeze, the award-winning innovative manufacturer of high-end headphones, has just announced that Erikson Consumer has become the exclusive distributor for Audeze products and services in Canada. Erikson joins a group of over 65 international distributors that currently represent Audeze across the globe.

“We’ve admired Erikson for years as the #1 distributor, and we’re very excited the Erikson team is going to be working with Audeze to increase our presence in the very important Canadian market,” said Audeze CSO Mark Cohen.

“Audeze is a strong player in the headphone category with a great reputation for high-quality product,” says Enzo Morelli, Vice President – Erikson Consumer Home Audio. “We’re looking forward to this partnership and opportunity to represent Audeze in Canada.”

Product will begin shipping from Erikson Consumer this month.

Audeze LCD-X-AABK-SeatedL-Glam-10914


TAVES and Toronto RV Show Advertisement Combo Ad

The TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is delighted to announce a partnership with the Toronto Fall RV Show and Sale.  This fall, consumers will be able to visit both shows for one low price, with a new combo ticket.  Both shows will run at the Toronto Congress Centre between Friday, Oct. 13 and Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017.

The TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is Canada’s ultimate consumer technology event, showcasing cutting-edge products in the most exciting categories: VR, robots, wearables, drones, hi-tech vehicles, 3D printing, tech toys, audio and video. The show attracts kids of all ages, tech-savvy millennials, luxury-loving consumers, industry professionals, mainstream and specialist media, innovators and educators.  This fall, TAVES expects over 150 exhibitors from around the planet, many showing prototype products and launching brand new products into the market.

The Toronto Fall RV Show and Sale is Canada’s premiere event where consumers can learn about the RVing culture, explore and purchase the latest Recreational Vehicle (RV) models and pick up an amazing selection of accessories.  This family-friendly event guarantees an entertaining time for all ages and includes special show features just for kids.

A combo ticket to access both shows is just $30 and available at

For more info about the Toronto Fall RV Show and Sale check out


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weiser Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Locks 02

Ever think of smartening up your home?  Then take a look at the expanding Weiser Kevo roster of smart home technology products.

Introduced in 2013, the Kevo product shaped the smart lock category as the industry’s first touch-to-open smart lock. Since then, the quickly expanding product line includes Kevo smart locks, a smart lock conversion kit and a remote service upgrade. In addition to product offerings, Weiser continues to diversify Kevo’s compatibility with several smart home hubs and product integrations, including If Not This, then That (IFTTT).

Today’s Kevo product range includes:

weiser Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Locks 01

Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Locks
Kevo Bluetooth-enabled smart locks provide users with the industry’s only Touch-to-Open experience. With Kevo, your phone becomes your key, allowing users to lock or unlock the door with the touch of a finger to the smart lock when an authorized device is within Bluetooth range. This patented technology adds a level of convenience unmatched by other smart locks by eliminating the need to fumble for keys.

weiser Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Locks 03

Kevo Convert
Kevo Convert is an easy-to-use conversion kit that transforms Weiser and other manufacturers’ deadbolts into smart locks at an affordable price. Simply replace the interior of your current lock with the Kevo Convert and within minutes transform your existing deadbolt into a smart lock.  Kevo Convert gives you the ability to control your existing deadbolt through the proven, simple-to-use Kevo app. Kevo Convert is available for $199.

Kevo Plus
Kevo Plus adds remote access capabilities and enhanced features to Kevo and Kevo Convert. Kevo Plus establishes direct, online connectivity to Kevo, allowing users to lock and unlock Kevo from their smartphones from anywhere in the world. Kevo Plus is a service upgrade for Kevo and Kevo Convert. The upgrade is available through the Kevo app or for $179.99, with no monthly cost or associated fees.

weiser Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Locks couple-watch

Smart Home Integrations
Weiser engineers its Kevo portfolio so its smart locks and conversion kits integrate with a wide range of smart home products, ensuring homeowners can easily configure a smarter home.

· Android Wear: Lock or unlock Kevo directly from an untethered Android Wear device, like Moto360 smart watch, for on-the-go convenience.
· Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi Thermostats:Seamlessly connect Kevo to compatible Honeywell thermostats to enable greater energy saving potential with each lock or unlock of Kevo.
· IFTTT: Build applets on IFTTT that trigger actions with other smart home devices in the home upon locking or unlocking Kevo smart locks and smart lock conversion kits.
· Nest Learning Thermostat: Trigger home temperature adjustments and energy savings with Nest Learning Thermostat by locking or unlocking Kevo.
· Ring Video Doorbell: Sync Ring and Kevo to see and speak with guests at the front door via the Ring app, then unlock Kevo, all from a smartphone.
· SkyBell HD Doorbell: Kevo is the first smart lock to directly integrate with Skybell, allowing homeowners to unlock the door for guests direct from the Skybell app.


Bryston BP-17 (Cubed Series) preamplifier 01

Bryston has just some additional details about its upcoming new BP-17³ (Cubed Series) preamplifier, utilizing patented technology that debuted on the much heralded Cubed Series amplifiers. The BP-17³ also features a new expanded input/output configuration for enhanced system flexibility. Like all analog components from Bryston, the BP-17³ is covered by an industry best 20 year warranty.

Bryston’s patented super-linear, low noise input buffer jointly developed by Bryston and the late Ph.D. engineer Dr. Ioan Alexandru Salomie significantly reduces noise and distortion. The BP-17³ also has improved RF and audio frequency noise filtering to prevent unwanted anomalies on the power line from interfering even minutely with the audio signal.

The BP-17³ offers expanded input/output options, including two pairs of XLR outputs and two pairs of RCA outputs, making it possible to connect a wide variety of equipment and accommodate numerous system configurations. An RCA tape loop lets users connect a line-level processor or recording device and one of the XLR output pairs can be internally selected to have either variable (default) or fixed output enabling users to easily connect a Bryston BHA-1 or other balanced input headphone amplifier. The BP-17³ also includes two pairs of balanced inputs and five pair RCA inputs, and can be ordered with a high-resolution internal DAC, a premium moving magnet phono stage, both DAC and phono modules or without either module installed. Users can select sources, adjust volume and more all from the optional BR-2 remote control or via RS232 connection to virtually any control ecosystem. The BP-17³ is available in either black or silver, 17-inch or 19-inch (wide) faceplates.

The BP-17³ will begin shipping in September with a US price of $3995. The DAC and phono stage options have an MSRP of $750 each. The BR-2 remote has an MSRP of $375.

Pre-order special:
Customers that place a pre-order for the BP-173 by August 31st will qualify for one optional accessory at no additional cost: Choose from an internal phono stage, internal DAC or BR-2 remote control.

For more info, please visit

Bryston BP-17 (Cubed Series) preamplifier 02

Bryston BP-17 Cubed Preamplifer 01


Sports Fantasy Show Toronto 01

The Expo For All Your Fantasy Sports Needs!

We are excited to invite NOVO readers and sports fans to The Fantasy Sports Show, hosted by our friends at The International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, between Aug. 25-27, 2017.

Learn all the tips and tricks from the pros on how to compete in the largest DFS tournaments, and how to dominate your office or friend’s pool. While you’re there be sure to enjoy the retail shopping and the various featured zones. With an educational and interactive show floor, the family friendly atmosphere will keep you entertained all weekend long.

Save $2 off tickets by using Promotion Code “TAVES” at The Fantasy Sports Show.

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Gold Note P-1000 01

Gold Note, the high-end audio manufacturer based in Firenze, Italy has just revealed the P-1000, the company’s first preamplifier that will be introduced this September at a price of $6,520 (or $7,250 with the digital input and DAC option).

The P-1000 is an innovative, ultra-balanced Class-A preamplifier powered by a new proprietary six gain stage design featuring a high precision ALPS volume control.  Having a triple linear transformer power supply, the P-1000 offers 10 independent stereo inputs: 5 fully balanced XLR, 5 RCA and even an optional digital input (optional).

The exclusive Gold Note ultra-balanced design developed with six single gain stages enables incredibly low distortion and extended linear bandwidth for true superior musicality.

The preamp features a complete series of settings to satisfy the most demanding systems: Mono/Stereo, Left/Right channel swap, Absolute Phase Swap (0° to 180°), Over-boost, and fine Balance tuning.

The Overboost function is designed to drive speakers that require robust power supplies providing even greater energy in the lower range of frequencies and can be turned off or set on to different modes to integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of systems.

The settings are stored in memory together with the volume level for every audio input to allow a better experience and for quick adjustments.

Gold Note is expected to demonstrate the brand new P-1000 Preamplifier at the 2017 TAVES Consumer Electronics Show in Toronto, Canada, this fall.

For more info, jump to

Gold Note P-1000 02


Bryston BP-17 Cubed Preamplifer 01

Bryston has just revealed details about its upcoming BP-17³ (or BP-17 Cubed) preamplifier, which adapts the same patented technology as the fabulous sounding Cubed Series of amplifiers.

The Bryston BP-17 Cubed will feature the company’s patented Salomie circuit which dramatically reduces noise and distortion at the input stage. Bryston not only updated the BP-17 preamplifier to include this new circuit, but also improved the feature set of this already outstanding preamplifier.

Here are the highlights of the BP-17 Cubed:

  • Expanded input / output capability: two pairs of XLR outputs and two pairs of RCA outputs make it possible to connect a wide variety of equipment such as amplifiers and powered subwoofers. An RCA tape loop lets you use a line-level equalizer or tape recorder, but best of all, one of the XLR output pairs can be internally selected to have variable (default) or fixed output meaning you can easily connect a BHA-1 or other balanced-input headphone amplifier.
  • The original BP-17 only had single ended inputs. The new Cubed Series model includes two pairs of balanced inputs as well.
  • The BP-17³ can be ordered with a high quality MM Phono stage, high resolution DAC, both, or neither.

How much and when can you get it?

The BP-17³ is expected to begin shipping in September.  The new model will retail for $3995 – only a $200 increase over the previous edition.

Pre-order specials!

As an incentive to queue up for the first units, Bryston is offering a special to dealers and customers that place a pre-order by August 31. Any preorder received  between now and August 31 qualifies for a free option. Pick one of the  following: an internal phono stage, internal DAC, or BR-2 remote control.

Speaking of DAC options…

Effective immediately, Bryston has reduced the price of the optional internal DACs on all of its preamps and integrated amps from $1595 to $750. Great deal!

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Nise Wave Personal Chef Device 01 (Custom)

Nise Wave, the world’s most affordable WiFi sous vide, is now live on Kickstarter. Nise Wave is a high tech personal chef primed to revolutionize home cooking. It transforms any pot of water into a precision cooking device using the sous vide method, a cooking technique valued by chefs and foodies around the world. Nise Wave is the most affordable WiFi sous vide on the market with early bird crowdfunding pricing starting at $119, a 40% discount from legacy $200-plus WiFi enabled devices. The Wave also uses smart algorithms to allow users to schedule the exact time they would like to eat, this‘set it and forget it’ functionality is a first in the industry.

Nise Wave doesn’t forget the busy people who love gourmet food but don’t have the time or expertise to make it. Now they can duplicate restaurant taste with an automatic process that prepares the perfect meal at home (even while they’re at work, or working-out). Hundreds of recipes are pre-programmed into the app. Each recipe comes with simple prep instructions for the user, as well as cooking instructions for the Wave.

Nise Wave Personal Chef Device 02

Nise Wave’s WiFi enabled, fully automated process is controlled by a mobile app from anywhere. Using the patented adaptive temperature system, Nise Wave schedules when food is ready to eat by intermittently raising and lowering temperatures throughout key cooking cyclesso if rush hour traffic slows a user down, they can postpone the final phase, and arrive home to a perfectly cooked meal.

For sous vide enthusiasts Nise Wave represents a no compromises solution, with 1200W of power, and IP67 water resistance, all in a sleek and compact form factor.

It’s also great for environmentally conscious consumers because Nise Wave uses only 20% of the power of a traditional electric stove.

Nise Wave will be shipping pre-packaged, ready to cook meal packs – creating an automated, ingredient to plate experience. These scan-able packs pre-program the Nise Wave and take the
prep time out of cooking.

To learn more about how The Nise Wave Smart Sous Vide can make cooking easier and food better tasting, and for limited time early-bird specials, visit Nise Wave’s Kickstarter page.


RobotCamp (Custom)

Ready to have some fun with robots at TAVES?  Robot Playtime has just confirmed its participation at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show.  The company will be one of an expanding number of exhibitors in the robotics and kids education space at this year’s show.

Robot Playtime teaches kids (K-12) about robotics and computer science through play, while fostering their imagination and creativity. The company has created Pixel, an app that transforms any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) into a programmable robot allowing anyone to create their own interactive and intelligent robot without any prior knowledge.

Pixel starts off gazing blankly into the world, devoid of intelligence and emotion. It’s up to the user to program some personality and life into the robot. Using a drag-and-drop blocked-based programming language, kids learn to program fun interactions, ranging from changing Pixel’s emotions to recognizing sounds and objects. With the ability to connect to any open hardware (e.g., LEGO, Arduino, Raspberry Pi), kids are also able to customize and equip their robot with any hardware component (i.e., actuators and sensors). As the user advances, they are exposed to writing real code and learning to advanced concepts, ranging from recognizing faces to obstacle avoidance. These features provide unlimited potential for students to grow in their learning and create a robot that can do almost anything they can imagine.

RobotShowTime2 (Custom)

Robot Playtime is working on making Pixel a platform where students can collaborate and share their STEM creations with an online community. Libraries can also be built on top of the company’s existing software to connect to multiple open hardware platforms, and existing robot toys on the market.

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About the Founders:
Pixel started out as a weekend project between two friends – Alex and Onome. They created Pixel to lower the barrier of entry to robotics, and raise what was achievable for a beginner. When they showed off Pixel to friends and family, everyone asked where they can get their hands on one themselves! After many positive impressions and experiences, they decided to pursue Robot Playtime to empower kids to create with technology. Alex and Onome first met while working on their Masters research project – developing semi-autonomous robots to rescue victims in urban search and rescue missions, at the University of Toronto.

PixelInteract (Custom)