RIVA Audio Arena 01

RIVA Audio has just announced its brand new RIVA WAND (Wireless Audio Network Design) Series, a customizable and easy-to-use multi-room / wireless audio system.  The components in this series are designed to deliver high-fidelity audio to every room or outdoor location with the flexibility to play from any networked or local source. RIVA’s WAND Series features the compact ARENA speakers, as well as the tabletop FESTIVAL speaker. Utilizing RIVA’s patented Trillium technology and unique audio design, the WAND series is perfect for music enthusiasts who demand an audio experience that’s as close to live as it gets. Users can enjoy more freedom thanks to a multitude of connectivity options including WI-FI, Bluetooth, AirPlay and DLNA and can stream seemingly unlimited audio content with Chromecast built-in and Spotify Connect. Last but not least, WAND’s integrated Away Mode, splash resistance and optional battery pack give you the freedom to listen to your music anywhere; no Wi-Fi required.

The WAND Series proves easy to use, thanks to the inclusion of Chromecast built-in and integration with the Google Home app for a quick and easy setup. Once connected, simply pull up your music library or open a favorite streaming service to start listening immediately. Use the Google Home app to create zones and stream different music throughout the home or business. The RIVA WAND app offers advanced features including custom listening modes and playback from local music sources such as USB, AUX and optical inputs.

RIVA Audio Festival

The WAND Series is designed to play audio as honest and authentic to the original recording as possible. This starts with RIVA’s patented audio technology, Trillium that helps recreate the live audio experience by using three discrete channels to create stereophonic sound much larger than the actual speaker size. Trillium enlarges the audio image while allowing the signal power of the audio to be reproduced without perceptible compression. Superior sound quality continues with custom-built ADX drivers to help WAND products produce truly immersive sound with deep, powerful bass. The ARENA and FESTIVAL speakers are Hi-Res Audio compatible as well, playing music files up to 24-bit/192kHz resolutions. Audio Codecs supported include: MP3, ALAC, APE, FLAC, FLAC HD, HLS, WMA Streaming, RTSP and PCM/WAV.

Unlike most wireless speakers, WAND offers multiple connectivity options, from a single direct connection to a whole-environment wireless networked audio system that can simultaneously stream to up to 30 devices without acoustic latency. Users can listen to high-resolution music, networked digital music files, podcasts, YouTube channels, or music services like Spotify and Pandora through multiple connectivity options including Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, DLNA, and Bluetooth. RIVA’s WAND series Wi-Fi is dual band, supporting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks for greater robustness and reliability against interference.

All this flexibility is paired with immense freedom. The ARENA and FESTIVAL speakers’ Away Mode offers the freedom to create an ad hoc network when no Wi-Fi is available, for example. With an optional 20+ hour battery pack, splash-resistant exterior and charge out for your phone or tablet, one can take the ARENA to the lake, beach or pool and listen to their favorite music without restrictions.

The ARENA will sell for $249 and FESTIVAL for $499. The ARENA battery pack will be available in black or white and will sell for $99.


Vintage TV Canada 01

Love music but prefer to watch it with a beautiful picture?  Vintage TV Canada, the nation’s only network focused solely on music performances, interviews, and carefully curated playlists, has recently been added to all subscription packages for Rogers TV customers. Vintage TV Canada is available on Channel 700, the first channel in the music and entertainment section of the dial. For some subscribers, the “music” button on their remotes will direct them to Vintage TV Canada instantly.

Launched in October 2016 on the Shaw Communications network, Vintage TV Canada derives its brand and ethos from seven-year-old Vintage TV in the UK, the most popular destination for music programmes in the country, routinely beating a wide range of entertainment offerings, including those carrying such eminent brands as Sky, MTV, Discovery, Sony and BT.

As well as having access to more than 800 hours of original content produced by Vintage TV in the UK, the Canadian channel is hard at work creating new programming, with some 40 hours already prepared, and more in the works. Among the artists featured on Vintage TV Canada are Tom Cochrane, Randy Bachman, Lights, Barenaked Ladies and many other legacy and up-and-coming Canadian talent.

Alan Cross 01 720

Vintage TV Canada’s Creative Director, Alan Cross, is spearheading the effort to bring real music content to Canadian fans. “Vintage TV is committed to music and music programming that is of the utmost quality and unlike anything else available on TV. If you watch just once, you’ll be hooked,” he says.

Vintage TV Canada has the expertise of a diverse Board of Directors, including Sunni Boot – former President and CEO at ZenithOptimedia Canada; Deane Cameron – President and CEO of The Corporation of Massey Hall, Roy Thompson Hall; Rita Cugini – a communications industries expert and former CRTC Commissioner; and Ivar Hamilton – VP Catalogue & Sports Music Marketing, Universal Music Canada.

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Vintage TV Canada 02


VRTO 720

VRTO 2017 is set to announce a breakthrough in autism research, and features more than 65 international expert speakers, 40 exhibitors and 10 interactive rooms

VRTO (Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo), Canada’s largest virtual reality convention, focused on experiential/immersive technologies returns for the second annual edition at Ryerson University’s Rogers Communication Centre in Toronto from June 24th-26th.

VRTO 2017 has offerings for all levels of virtual and augmented reality expertise. Two days of intensive training are available for developers and seasoned professionals looking to learn further advanced techniques. A one-day film & TV industry “onboarding” workshop takes place via VRTO’s on-site TV studio for those looking to learn how to shoot and utilize VR/360° video and audio. While curated immersive content pavilions will feature the best interactive VR games, prototypes and experiences in virtual, augmented and mixed reality for attendees to enjoy during VRTO’s full run.

Among several major announcements, VRTO sees a major breakthrough in autism research announced by keynote speaker, Canadian virtual reality pioneer Graham Smith. Smith — Chief Science Officer of Dutch educational tech company WebChair — will reveal the incredible results from the Ontario government backed WEBMOTI global research project. WEBMOTI, a telepresence system using VR technology, allows autistic students who often struggle with sensory overload in classrooms to attend classes remotely and fully control the sensory input they receive on their end.

VRTO 2017 takes place at Ryerson University’s Rogers Communication Centre (80 Gould St, Toronto) Sunday, June 25th to Monday, June 26th from 10am-6pm daily; with a special media/VIP preview and reception taking place Saturday, June 24th from 1pm-6pm.

For 20% off tickets go to the TICKET PAGE and type in CODE: VRTOAFF2017

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Distributor Tri-Cell Enterprises ( has just announced the availability of Mitchell and Johnson HiFi products to Canadian customers.  This British brand offers some sweet sounding and very well designed headphone and HiFi products at real world prices.  If you’re in the market for high quality sound on a modest budget, you’ll want to give this brand a try.

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Staples Drone Event, June 25 at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto

Are you thinking about picking up a drone this summer?  Or perhaps you’d like to learn how to fly your existing model from the experts?

On June 25, Staples Canada will bring together leading drone manufacturers for a free event where visitors will have the opportunity to view live demonstrations, chat one-on-one with top drone experts and learn about the different models available on the market. Participants will even have the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive offers to go home with a drone of their own.

Participating drone partners include DJI, Parrot, Propel, Yuneec, Altex UAV Technologies in conjunction with Humber College, Staples Tech Services, and more.

The event will take place at the:

CRH Gallery at Evergreen Brick Works
550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto M4W 3X8

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Admission is free but guests must register at:


Monitor Audio Silver 100_LS

Monitor Audio has just revealed the 6th Generation Silver Series loudspeakers, featuring technology used to develop the top-of-the-line Platinum Series with advanced designs in sleek packages and price points that continue to represent best in class performance.

Acknowledged as a pioneer of metal cone speaker technology, Monitor Audio has used its four decade expertise in the field to create new versions of its highly regarded C-CAM (Ceramic coated Aluminum Magnesium) drivers for the 6th generation Silver Series. Made from a single piece of the unique ceramic coated aluminum / magnesium alloy and formed into a continuous dish profile, its rigidity brings enormous sonic benefits compared to conventional softer cone materials that flex, producing audible distortion. Without the need for a center hole, commonly used to house a voice coil, Monitor Audio’s exclusive C-CAM drive units are able to handle more power than paper, plastic or Kevlar drivers and deliver pure, undistorted sound across the musical range.

Monitor Audio Silver 300_LS

Ground breaking design changes and extensive engineering have led to a completely revised Silver Series. Technical enhancements to the speakers ‘engine’ include beefed up driver magnets, higher efficiency (8 ohms) and improved voice coils that include the patented DCF (dynamic coupling filter) used in the Platinum Series, resulting in purer sound and better power handling at high (SPL) levels.

Monitor Audio now claims the purest mid-range quality in its class along with precise and consistent imaging, both on and off-axis, thanks to a newly created teardrop shaped mid-range / tweeter module on the Silver 300 and Silver 500 floor-standers and also the new C350 3-way center channel. Premium grade Polypropylene film capacitors, Air Core and laminated Steel Core inductors have been deployed in the critical crossover networks to ensure consistency and the best sound possible.

Monitor Audio Silver FX_LS

The 6th generation Silver Series now caters to all two-channel and surround sound applications. The nine model range has been created with contemporary living in mind. One compact stand-mount option and one larger bookshelf model featuring an 8” woofer along with a choice of three floor-standers address the needs of design conscious consumers, offering 3 distinct shapes / driver sizes. Each model produces powerful, spacious sound while the Silver FX wall-mount and two center channel speakers are perfect for discreet AV installations.

Monitor Audio Silver W-12_LS_

The Silver Series is completed with a 500 watt powered subwoofer, featuring on board DSP for resounding bass down to a staggering 22 Hz.

Magnetic grille fixings on all models ensure an elegant baffle aided by rear mounting of the proprietary HiVe II ports.

With the new Silver Series you can be sure that you are investing in the very best technology that twenty first century engineering has to offer. If you love fabulous design and demand the highest sound quality money can buy, the latest Silver range has been created to meet your needs, bringing music to life, with designs that complement your lifestyle.

Step up in sound with 6th Generation Silver Series.

Available July 2017.

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VIZIO Home Theater Sound Bar Collection for 2017 SB3651

VIZIO has just announced its new home theater sound bar collection for 2017. From a full 5.1 surround sound configuration designed to pump out crystal-clear dialogue and booming sound, to a simple two-channel setup, the new 2017 collection presents a sound bar solution for any consumer looking to bring superior audio to any room in the home. Featuring Chromecast built-in, VIZIO SmartCast sound bars offer easy streaming of songs over Wi-Fi from Chromecast-enabled audio apps for uninterrupted playback. Models in the VIZIO SmartCast collection can be controlled by VIZIO SmartCast Mobile, an app that transforms any mobile device into a powerful touchscreen remote. The latest sound bar offerings are now beginning to roll out to retailers such as, and starting at an MSRP of $109.99 for the 28” 2.0 Sound Bar and ranging to an MSRP of $349.99 for the VIZIO SmartCast 36” 5.1 Sound Bar System.

The VIZIO SmartCast 36” 5.1 Sound Bar System was designed for those seeking both refined style and the highest sound quality. Listeners will appreciate the three-channel sound bar’s ability to simultaneously amplify 101 dB of room-filling sound while rendering clear-cut dialogue to enhance any show, movie or song. The included wireless subwoofer adds powerful bass, and the two satellite speakers complete the sound bar’s enveloping home theater surround sound experience.

With Chromecast built-in, VIZIO SmartCast sound bar users can easily stream millions of songs from Chromecast-enabled apps they already know and love like Google Play Music, Plex, Spotify and more. A tap of the Cast button streams music directly over Wi-Fi to any VIZIO SmartCast device on the home Wi-Fi network. With Wi-Fi streaming, users can control audio content over a greater range compared to Bluetooth, enjoy higher quality audio playback and listen without the distracting interruptions of texts or phone calls from the mobile device used to initiate playback. For those who still prefer streaming over Bluetooth, that feature is also available on all VIZIO audio products.

For whole home audio playback control, VIZIO SmartCast Mobile allows users to control all VIZIO SmartCast sound bars in the 2017 collection from anywhere in the home. With VIZIO SmartCast Mobile, listeners can easily discover new content and simply tap to play, pause, change volume or access the settings for their VIZIO SmartCast device. VIZIO’s sound bars also ship with a remote that offers users quick access to control basic functions.

All VIZIO SmartCast sound bars are also now compatible with Google Assistant on devices such as Google Home. This gives users the ability to operate their sound bars with simple voice commands. For those looking to stream music throughout the home, simply pair multiple VIZIO SmartCast sound bars and speakers to play either the same song in unison or different songs in different rooms.

In addition to the VIZIO SmartCast family of sound bars, VIZIO also announced sound bar options for customers looking for a simple upgrade to their TV audio for movies and music. The 28” 2.0 Sound Bar and the 36” 2.1 Sound Bar System also have Bluetooth capability so users can stream music straight from their mobile devices.

2017 VIZIO 28” 2.0 Sound Bar (SB2820n) MSRP $109.99
2017 VIZIO 36” 3.0 Sound Bar (SB3630) MSRP $209.99
2017 VIZIO 36” 2.1 Sound Bar System (SB3621n) MSRP $199.99
2017 VIZIO 32” 5.1 Sound Bar System (SB3251n) MSRP $319.99
2017 VIZIO SmartCast 36” 5.1 Sound Bar System (SB3651) MSRP $349.99


VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro Displays Now Available 02

VIZIO has just announced the details about its 2017 M-Series and P-Series Ultra HD displays. Powered by VIZIO’s XLED full-array local dimming backlight technology, the 2017 collections dramatically enhance on-screen content with astonishing brightness, captivating color, radiant contrast and strikingly deep black levels. Both collections perfectly pair high-performance picture quality with a robust and intuitive smart streaming experience. Coming this summer, SmartCast TV will enable viewers to use the included remote to browse featured content directly on the big screen. For those who prefer to control their entertainment via a dual-screen user experience, SmartCast Mobile seamlessly transforms iOS and Android mobile devices into powerful touchscreen remotes and is now available for download. With Chromecast built-in, consumers can browse through thousands of apps they know and love on their phones before streaming to the big screen1.

The new M-Series and P-Series captivate audiences with added color performance, image detail and clarity that transform the viewing experience. Both collections offer enriched brightness thanks to M-Series’ XHDR Plus and P-Series’ XHDR Pro full-array local dimming technology, which enable full-white brightness performance to dramatically expand the contrast range, revealing new detail with enhanced shadows and highlights. Consumers will also appreciate High Dynamic Range performance with Dolby Vision and HDR10 content support. HDR capabilities equate to a dramatically expanded contrast range with added detail and clarity, making for a more redefined viewing experience. In addition, Ultra Color Spectrum, now on M-Series and P-Series for 2017, reveals over one billion colors to produce richer, more vivid images, depicting every hue and tone with impeccable accuracy. Those who crave inky black levels will appreciate Xtreme Black Engine Plus which utilizes 32 local dimming zones in the M-Series and up to 128 in the P-Series, along with VIZIO’s advanced local dimming algorithm to dynamically adapt brightness to mimic the on-screen image. Additionally, Clear Action 360 and a 120Hz effective refresh rate achieved with backlight scanning in the M-Series, or Clear Action 920 and a 240Hz effective refresh rate for P-Series , ensure action-filled scenes come across smooth, stable and realistic.

As members of the VIZIO SmartCast collection, every M- and P-Series display offers a robust smart streaming experience. Available this summer as an over-the-air update to 2016 SmartCast Ultra HD displays and all 2017 SmartCast models, VIZIO is bringing the SmartCast mobile experience to the big screen by making apps accessible directly from the display. The SmartCast TV home screen greets users with content recommendations and favorite apps like Crackle, Hulu, iHeartRadio, Vudu and XUMO. Users can easily browse content with their remote before launching TV shows, movies and more, directly from their display with the touch of a button. A revamped out-of-box experience and easy first-time setup helps consumers get their displays up and running using the new remote included in the box. SmartCast Mobile offers yet another way for consumers to access their favorite entertainment. By simply downloading the SmartCast Mobile iOS or Android app, users can turn their mobile devices into the ultimate touchscreen remote where they can search, browse and stream content, control playback and adjust display settings from any room in the house. Popular networks from Turner, including TNT, TBS and Cartoon Network, along with favorite apps like Fandango NOW, Hulu, iHeartRadio, Pluto TV, Vudu, XUMO and more have been integrated into VIZIO SmartCast Mobile, allowing viewers to easily browse for shows across multiple apps at once and then just tap to stream shows right to the big screen.

All VIZIO SmartCast displays feature Chromecast built-in, which allows viewers to browse thousands of Chromecast-enabled apps – including 4K and HDR content from apps like Netflix and Vudu – on their mobile devices. By simply tapping the Cast button in Chromecast-enabled apps, or using voice to control their display with the Google Assistant on devices like Google Home, consumers can stream their favorite shows and movies right to their home theater display. Additional convenience features like Quick Start Mode allows VIZIO users to turn on their displays automatically with a tap of the Cast button. Once users launch a Chromecast-enabled app, they can simply tap the Cast button to automatically power on their display and start streaming the selected content. VIZIO M- and P-Series displays are also compatible with Chromecast Ultra.

Prices will be as follows:
2017 VIZIO SmartCast M-Series 55” Ultra HD HDR XLED Plus Display (M55) MSRP $699.99
2017 VIZIO SmartCast M-Series 65” Ultra HD HDR XLED Plus Display (M65) MSRP $1,199.99
2017 VIZIO SmartCast M-Series 70” Ultra HD HDR XLED Plus Display (M70) MSRP $1,999.99
2017 VIZIO SmartCast M-Series 75” Ultra HD HDR XLED Plus Display (M75) MSRP $2,499.99

2017 VIZIO SmartCast P-Series 55” Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro Display (P55) MSRP $999.99
2017 VIZIO SmartCast P-Series 65” Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro Display (P65) MSRP $1,699.99
2017 VIZIO SmartCast P-Series 75” Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro Display (P75) MSRP $3,499.99


34996262002_d96f652922_o (Custom)

If you are curious about electric vehicles or thinking about buying one, this is the first place you should visit!

The EV Discovery Centre is the first facility of its kind in the world focused entirely on providing an experiential learning environment for electric vehicles (EVs). At this one-stop-shop, consumers can learn about the environmental and economic benefits of EVs and their role in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – in Ontario and beyond. Visitors can test drive EV models from leading manufacturers in a family-friendly, no-pressure environment and discover how an EV can fit into their life. Interested buyers will be referred to their local EV certified car dealerships.

34996240232_88cd94965b_o (Custom)

EVs Will Help Reduce Ontario’s Carbon Emissions
Transportation is the largest source of GHG emissions in Ontario which have been growing steadily for the past decade. We need electrification to tackle this challenge. EVs for personal road transportation can significantly reduce GHG emissions, particularly because Ontario has a low-emitting electricity supply made up mostly of hydro and nuclear power. The Ontario government aims to expand EV sales to 5 per cent of all new vehicles sold by 2020, contributing to meeting the province’s climate targets.

34996253342_e001f9dbd5_o (Custom)

Key Part of Ontario’s EV Strategy: The EV Discovery Centre
Ontario is paving the way for widespread EV adoption through purchase incentives for EVs and charging stations, the green license plate program and the installation of public charging infrastructure. The EV Discovery Centre is another key element of the province’s EV strategy by increasing awareness and inviting the public to view, learn about and test drive EVs. It is a centre of expertise that will mobilize all relevant stakeholders around the design and implementation of effective policies and programs, attract and educate drivers and provide skills training to accelerate EV sales.

34996275902_b044f4f717_o (Custom)

The EV Discovery Centre is located at 1126 Finch Ave. West, North York, ON M3J 3J6 (near Dufferin and Finch), and open 6 days a week (Tuesday through Sunday).

34996214392_6321d612b9_o (Custom)

34996289022_44b6ee6567_o (Custom)

34316236874_46cf582916_o (Custom)


Xbox One X 01

Microsoft has just revealed details about its next generation gaming machine called the Xbox One X at an E3 press conference.  The Xbox One X will arrive on November 7, 2017 and start at $499 US.  From the outside, it’s a rather plain looking box but it’s the processing power on the inside that really matters. Thanks to a custom GPU engine that runs at 1172MHz, the Xbox One X is capable of 6 teraflops of graphical power. This will propel the console significantly ahead of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, which runs at 911MHz, capable of 4.2 teraflops. What does that mean for games? Better looking, smoother running games than ever before.

During the event Microsoft said that the Xbox One X will offer 22 exclusive titles and nearly all new games will offer a 4K resolution and 60 frames per second video.

Forza Motorsport 7 was just one of the many games shown during the press conference.


Other notable titles include A Way OutStar Wars Battlefront II, Quake Champions, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and virtual reality versions of Doom and Fallout 4.

Two great looking Canadian game makers also showed off their new titles: Cuphead and Anthem.

Xbox One X Anthem 04

Xbox One X 04