Baetis Audio XR Music Server

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Baetis Audio XR Media Server

Beatis Audio has just released a new music server – the Baetis XR, which follows up the Baetis Revolution server that was released in 2012.  The new Baetis XR aims to provide not only high quality audio but also video service.  Inside the new XR are what Baetis claims to be specially chosen motherboards and RAM, chosen to deliver the highest possible audio quality.  Beatis indicates that with the new XR, they are the only company in the industry to utilize a galvanically isolated and dedicated BNC-SPDIF connector directly off the motherboard, with no separate sound card – avoiding absorbtion of electro-magnetic interference.  The company believes that optimized SPDIF connections will exceed the performance of USB by a significant margin.

Like the Baetis Revolution, the new XR uses JRiver media software, specially configured to play all forms of media.  The XR is not only a music server but can also rip and play CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs.., with the capability to download and play hi-def audio files from HDTracks. Reference Recordings and other like sites. Utilizing the JRiver software, the XR has the capability to play native DSD files, allowing SACD rips or DSD material downloaded from a few web content provides to be played.  

The focus of the Baetis Revolution was on 2-channel audio, while the new XR targets the audiophile whose two-channel system is within a high-end multi-channel system.  In such multi-channel systems, video is the norm and the XR has been designed to provide video processing in the league of the finest multi-channel pre/pros or act provide straight pass-through of video signals, without processing.  

The Baetis XR is currently available at a MSRP of $5,995.  Further details and specifications are available on the Baetis website, as follows:

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