Black Cat Cable Neo-Morpheus Series

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Black Cat Cable has just announced their new Neo-Morpheus series of cables, which have been developed using the former Morpheus cable.  The Neo-Morpheus series includes an interconnect and speaker cable model, simply called the Neo-Morpheus Interconnect and Neo-Morpheus Speaker Cable.  

The new Neo-Morpheus series benefits from additional interstitial layers of shielding and AERON insulation. In the case of the interconnects, the freshly designed RCA connector draws its technology from Chris Sommovigo’s Xhadow RCA designs, yet without the enormous expense of those exotic connectors. The result is said to be a “substantially improved product for an extraordinarily low price…”  All Black Cat products come with a 60-day money back guarantee and users will need 200 hours minimum to properly run-in the products. 

The Neo-Morpheus will be available soon at a MSRP of: $195/1m for Neo-Morpheus Interconnect and $235/1.5m pair for the Neo-Morpheus Speaker Cable.  Look for more details at: or

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