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B&W has just released their new PM1 loudspeaker, which sits very comfortably between their existing CM series and flagship 800 Diamond line.

The PM1 at present is pegged as purely a stereo line, with only one standmount model. The PM1 is said to not replace the previous 700 series but is closer in design objectives to the 805S model.

A huge amount of development work has gone into the new model, which was created in conjunction with design firm Native. The PM1 has a carbon-braced tweeter, with its aluminum dome stiffened with a ring of filament-wound, pitch-based carbon fibre. This raises the break-up frequency of the tweeter to 40KHz. The tweeter mechanism itself is mounted on top of the cabinet, as on the 800 Series Diamond, and uses a Nautilus tapering tube.

Sitting below the tweeter is a familiar Kevlar cone bass/midrange driver as used on the CM1. However, this one has a new anti-resonance plug: a mushroom-shaped device made from rigid EVA that fits tightly inside the voice coil former, helping to dampen resonances in the cone.

As for the cabinet, it uses B&W’s Matrix bracing system for improved rigidity. The front baffle and curved top panel is made from a thermoset plastic composite with an extra layer of mineral-filled resin on the back for additional mass and damping.

The crossover is kept as simple as possible, to maintain the purity of the signal, and uses Mundorf M-Cap Supreme capacitors. Oxygen-free copper speaker terminals are fitted on the back of the cabinet.

Pricing in the U.K. has been announced at: £1995 per pair, with the PM1 to be first available in a Mocha Gloss finish and then subsequently in also a Burgundy finish.  The optional PM1 stands are optional at an extra cost of £400.

The PM1 should become available through dealers this July.


Type – Two-way vented-box system

Drive units – 25mm (1in) reinoforced aluminium dome tweeter; 13cm (5in) woven Kevlar cone mid/bass driver

Frequency range – -6dB at 42Hz and 60kHz

Frequency response – 48Hz-22kHz +-3DB on reference axis

Sensitivity – 84dB spl

Nominal impedance – 8ohms (minimum 5.1)

Crossover frequency – 4kHz

Recommended amp power – 30W-100W into 8ohms

Dimensions (HxWxD) – 33.1×19.1x25cm (29.3cm including grilles/terminals)

Stand dimensions (excluding spikes) – 62×26.8x30cm

Weight – 9.3Kg

More details are to be found at: http://www.bowers-wilkins.com

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