Cavalli Audio – Liquid Fire Headphone Amplifier

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A quick peek at Wikipedia gives you the definition of liquid fire as: an ancient Greek hot oil / fire weapon; an ancient Chinese petroleum weapon; Napalm; an eight piece rock band from St Joseph Missouri and; molten rock.  Cavalli Audio, will soon be adding to this list with their new up-and-coming headphone amplifier.

Cavalli is introducing its first consumer headphone amplifier – the Liquid Fire.  The Liquid Fire headphone amplifier is a tube / solid-state hybrid design.  Tesla 6922 tubes create the differential input stage, current source and voltage gain.  Mosfets biased at 100mA for mostly class A operation power the outputs for 3 watts into 32? (650mW into 300?).  

Expected availability is this May 15, 2011 at an MSRP of $2750 U.S.  Pre-production amps should be available for review in early March.

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