Denon Cocoon Home and Portable i-Dock

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Denon Electronics, has just launched a couple new iPod dock systems – their new Cocoon Home and Cocoon Portable.  The Cocoon Home features Apple’s Airplay, allowing easy streaming of iTunes music directly from iPhone, iPad or iTouch.  The Cocoon Portable is a compact and portable audio dock counterpart.

Both Cocoon audio docks feature the ability to stream directly from an iPhone, iPod, networked hard drive or USB thumb drives, delivering groundbreaking performance and flexibility in an iPod docking solution at any price. A suite of Internet Radio capabilities, including three on-board presets, rounds out the impressive feature set.  Cocoon is engineered to provide users with easy access to popular music sources within a simple all-in-one system.

Cocoon Home:
The design of Cocoon immediately sets it apart visually from all other audio dock systems on the market. To give it a super glossy appearance with a contemporary twist, the clear plastic enclosure is painted from the inside. Additionally, for a seamless appearance, all connections are housed in a solid metal base. Cocoon is a powerful all-in-one audio dock system, delivering 100 watts of total power (25-watt per driver, bi-amped).  Cocoon features a ported enclosure and a built-in, 2-way speaker system with dual-layer woofers for resounding low frequency response. Finally, Cocoon includes an advanced DSP engine and 9-band digital equalization (EQ) to insure precision sound reproduction.

Cocoon Portable:
Like the full-sized Cocoon, Denon’s Cocoon Portable – which is twenty-five percent smaller – offers full networking capabilities, including AirPlay, DLNA and Internet Radio. Its built-in battery provides 5 hours of operation, and the robust, water resistant construction makes it ideal for trips to the park, the beach, or anywhere you want to enjoy the powerful, full access Cocoon music experience. The portable sound system delivers 50 watts of power, with 2 full-range drivers specially tuned for outdoor usage. Cocoon Portable features oversized rubberized buttons, a special rubberized back panel cover for protection against sand, dust and water, as well as an integrated carry handle and a retractable slot for the remote control.

Available this summer in black or white, Cocoon Home (MSRP: $599 U.S.) will be joined by its compact yet powerful on-the-go counterpart, the Cocoon Portable audio dock, available in black (MSRP: $499 U.S.).

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