Infinity Outrigger (outdoor speakers)

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The Infinity Outriggers are a medium-sized pair of outdoor speakers that are quite appealing to the eye with their curved front baffles and off-white finish. The holes in the metal grille are very fine and do not expose the components behind them. Their two-way, non-ported design incorporates a 5-1/4 inch bass driver with a 1 inch tweeter. The speakers have a sensitivity of 88 dB (at 2.83V/1m) and a power handling from 10 to 80 watts. The Outriggers have a frequency response rated from 60 Hz to 20 kHz, crossed over at 3.2 kHz. Gold-plated speaker terminals the back of each speaker accept bare wire and banana plugs. A u-shaped metal bracket allows the Outriggers to be mounted vertically or horizontally and adjusted to any vertical or horizontal angle. Vertical and horizontal adjustments cannot be made at the same time using this bracket – for example, the speakers cannot be positioned down and to the left. The Infinity logo on the front grilles can be rotated for vertical or horizontal orientation. Installed on the wall, each speaker will protrude about nine inches. A flat base at the bottom of the speaker means that the Outriggers will sit firmly on top of a table or other flat surfaces, if you’re not planning to wall mount them. As most outdoor speakers, the Outriggers can be painted to match your outdoor décor. Infinity includes two paint masks that make the job easier if you choose to paint the speakers.

The Infinity speakers delivered a clear, forward sound that fans of brighter-sounding speakers will enjoy. Their highs were smooth and their mids were crisp. Jazz, classical and rock sounded great on the Infinities. They did however lack a little in the lower end. Those who enjoy bass-heavy music will greatly benefit by pairing the Outriggers with an outdoor subwoofer to achieve a fuller frequency range. Placing the speakers close the wall of the house improved their bass somewhat but not very dramatically. The lower frequency response of these speakers did not appear to be modified by the manufacturer as they do not sound like they played frequencies below about 60 Hz. A nice thing about the Infinity speakers was that they projected sound far beyond my deck into my backyard. The sound was intelligible and clear even at nearly 30 feet away from the speakers, which means that these speakers produce enough sound to fill a medium-sized patio. The stereo imaging of these speakers was great, with a distance of about 10 feet between them.

The Infinity Outrigger outdoor speakers reproduced sound accurately and sounded great. If you enjoy bass demanding music, you may want to use an outdoor subwoofer with the Outriggers. The Outriggers are suitable for medium to large-sized patios and will set up back $449 for the pair.

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