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KEF has entered the computer speaker/portable device category with the launch of the X300A digital hi-fi desktop speaker system. The X300A is a premium loudspeaker system that was developed to offer the highest sound reproduction possible from the listener’s computer and all of today’s popular smartphones and tablets, including Apple iPod, iPhone iPad, Android and Kindle Fire devices, via distortion-free USB input.

Unlike typical powered computer speaker designs, each X300A speaker utilizes two Class AB audiophile-grade amplifiers – one dedicated for HF and one for LF/MF – complete with a toroidal transformer, which significantly reduces the normal “hum” heard while playing most powered speakers. The X300A was designed to mirror the performance of the best in professional studio monitors with an impressive output of 150W of power per channel at 1kHz.

To get the very best from the twin class AB amplifiers, the X300A features KEF’s patented Uni-Q driver array, adapted from KEF’s flagship Blade speaker. KEF’s Uni-Q array places the tweeter in the acoustic center of the woofer. This allows both the woofer and tweeter to act as a single, focused source of sound that is dispersed widely and evenly throughout a room or setting—a feature not found on any other loudspeaker brand.

The 5.25” driver array is neatly housed within a die-cast aluminum chassis to help prevent resonances and creates a more accurate sound. With other innovations such as the Z-flex surround for a smooth transition between cone and cabinet, and large neodymium magnets with copper caps to reduce inductance and distortion, the Uni-Q driver array provides a wide, clean and detailed sound field, whatever source your music is coming from.

The X300A’s USB connection provides lossless, high-resolution sound from any computer, smartphone or tablet courtesy of a 96kHz/24-bit digital input featuring an integrated audiophile-quality digital/analog converter (DAC). This assures that when a listener connects to the X300A, they will bypass the source’s internal DAC resulting in accurate, high resolution playback from whatever source is connected, whether it’s a phone, tablet or computer.

In addition to the USB connection for smartphones, tablets and computers, the X300A offers wireless playback via  an optional Bluetooth receiver (dongle) or can be used with Apple Airport Express. A backup 3.5mm analogue connection is included with the X300A to offer an even greater level of functionality with the use of alternative hi-fi components. The speaker’s adjustable EQ modes compliment a “Desk”, “Stand” and “Desk/Wall” mode allowing the speaker to be optimized specifically for any application. To maximize sound performance, the listener simply selects the “Desk” or “Stand” mode by a switch on the rear panel of the master speaker, or chooses the “Desk/Wall” by inserting the included foam plugs to the rear mounted reflex port on each speaker.

The X300A comes in a brushed gun metal finish and will be available Fall 2012 with a price of $799.99/pair. For more information, please visit

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