Monitor Audio ASB-2 Soundbar

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Monitor Audio ASB-2 Soundbar

We introduced you to the new Monitor Audio ASB-2 Soundbar for the first time this June and now that it is finally beginning to hit stores, the company has revealed all of its design features.  The ASB-2 combines a high performance, powered audio system with the latest wireless streaming technologies including AirPlay, in a beautifully engineered design. The ASB-2 is capable of delivering audiophile quality sound from Blu-rays, DVDs, game consoles, STBs, and high end sound from tablets, smartphones, computers and even from CDs.  The sleekly curved ASB-2 offers an irresistible blend of size-defying performance, easy-to-install lifestyle appeal and comprehensive fuss-free functionality.

Monitor Audio has conceived the ASB-2 as the ultimate audio hub for the home. It can operate as a high quality soundbar beneath a TV monitor from rack or wall positions, but offers so much more than the conventional amalgam of left, centre, right speakers. Apple AirPlay, DLNA and UPnP enabled, the ASB-2 will deliver uncompressed music from files stored on PC or Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, Android or Windows phone, or streamed from Internet services. Friends can connect and play directly to the ASB-2 without network access via Airplay Direct.

Connect a plethora of sound sources to the ASB-2 via three HDMI inputs and use the HDMI output for 1080p/3D video pass through and OSD. HDMI 1.4’s Audio Return Channel (ARC) allows for the two way transfer of information between the ASB-2 and a compatible device, creating an additional input from the HDMI output. Digital S/PDIF optical and coaxial inputs add further flexibility, together with stereo analogue RCAs for plugging-in legacy radios and CD players. A single RCA LFE output allows for system expansion with an external sub-woofer – crossover filtering is automatic. Network setup and upgrades are via USB or Wi-Fi.

For all but very specialized applications, the ASB-2 is totally self-contained. Created to satisfy every lifestyle aspiration, the ASB-2 integrates audio processing, amplification and drivers within a single elegantly proportioned design. Five discrete power amp stages direct a total of 160W to six proprietary C-CAM drivers. Under custom-tuned DSP control, each driver receives the optimum frequency spectrum for accurate and efficient audio reproduction: the subwoofer section of two 5.5″ drivers receives 60W; two 4″ C-CAM midrange drivers are driven individually by 35W amplifiers; the two 1″ C-CAM tweeters by dedicated 15W amplifiers.

Monitor Audio’s own three-dimensional audio software provides the immersive surround effect of multi-channel movie soundtracks. Using a blend of Head Related Transfer Function (HTRF) technology and crosstalk cancellation, the ASB-2 accepts 7.1 discreet channels and processes them to left, right and centre, creating a wide and spacious front image involving a stable ‘virtual’ centre channel for precise dialogue. Rear channels are generated by applying crosstalk cancellation processing. Many soundbars rely on boundary effects to enhance their rear channel performance; the ASB-2’s proprietary algorithms are solely responsible for its ambient sound, delivering an even coverage irrespective of environment. The result is a powerfully convincing and enveloping soundstage from film, TV, games and network/online sources, consistent in level and frequency response in any room.

Turn off the ASB-2’s 3D processing via the remote handset supplied or its onboard control panel, and the soundbar becomes a potent three-way stereo music system incorporating active bass, midrange and high frequency drivers. Excellent clarity, separation and wide bandwidth expression
is enhanced by a cabinet construction of mineral filled polymer, which promotes rigidity and acoustic damping. The ASB-2’s slender, stylishly curved charcoal grey enclosure eliminates audio colouration as well as being great to look at.


Features & Specifications

  • Fully active, high performance soundbar system.
  • 5 discrete power amplifier stages – fully digital amp technology (class D).
  • 160 watts total power delivery.
  • Wireless Airplay/ DLNA / UPnP music streaming.
  • Proprietary 3D spatial effects, consistent in quality irrespective of environment.
  • Digital coaxial input (S/PDIF).
  • Digital optical input (Toslink).
  • 4 x HDMI input (3 in, 1 out).
  • Analogue stereo RCA inputs, 3.5mm Jack (auto-sensing between each input, via analogue switch).
  • RCA LFE sub-woofer output (auto sensing changes filter/crossover settings).
  • USB port for service, FW update and Airplay network set up.
  • HDMI processing with HD 1080P and 3D pass through.
  • On-screen set up (OSD) – for all advanced audio features access.
  • Local controls: volume up/down, power on/standby/sleep (single button scroll), HDMI (single button scrolling 1-3), digital (single button S/PDIF, Toslink – auto-sense),
    analogue (single button scrolling – AUX1, AUX2. auto-sense), connect/setup button,
    Airplay button (toggle on/off), mute (toggle on/off), 3D audio (on/off).
  • Designed to fit Sanus TV mounting systems.
  • Optional sturdy wall bracket with cable hole access and template installation.
  • Silicon rubber stand included for secure cabinet top placement.
  • Dimensions: 100.5cm wide x 16.7cm deep x 18cm high (including grille, excluding rubber base).

MSRP: $1749 each

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