Muraudio To Launch Domain Omni ESL at TAVES 2013

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Muraudio TAVES 2013

Muraudio is about to change everything with the introduction of the Domain Omni ESL, a 360 degree point source, omni-directional electrostatic loudspeaker.

Muraudio’s reference level Domain Omni incorporates patented high output continuous curve ESL technology, precision engineered LF drivers, industry leading components, stunning design and high grade finishes to create a one of a kind loudspeaker that will transform the way you think about high end audio.

Hear high fidelity, immersive, natural sound with pinpoint imaging and seamless coherency. Clear, full, pure sound.  No matter where you are, you’re in the sweet spot.

Visit Muraudio in room #891, to audition the state of the art, acoustically spectacular Domain Omni.  Don’t miss an opportunity to hear the sonic transparency of Nordost Tyr2 reference cables, combined with the superior performance of Simaudio’s Moon Evolution Series 750D DAC and 740P pre-amp.

Be prepared to experience sound like you never have before.

Muraudio Domain.  Pure Omni.  Pure ESL.

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