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Naim has just launched its new entry-level CD player the CD5si. The CD5si is claimed to be an improvement on its predecessor, the CD5i, with the main objective of improving sound quality.

The new CD5si design includes the Burr Brown PCM 1793 DAC, which is similar in performance and architecture to the DAC used in Naim network players such as the NDX; however, the implementation of the DAC in the CD5si is optimised for the fixed sampling rate of CD, as there is no need to accommodate multiple sampling rates. With a new higher precision clock used in conjunction with the DAC, jitter has been reduced. The analogue output filter has also been improved which together with the new DAC delivers a ten times reduction in distortion.

A new high-performance transport mechanism has been fitted to the CD5si giving improved consistency and longevity. The new mechanism is mounted in Naim’s unique improved swing drawer tray giving it the ideal low resonance, stable platform in which to operate. The internal power supply voltage has also been increased, to improve the linearity of the output signal for greater sound quality.

The CD5si also benefits from higher voltage power supply rails, a revised analogue filter design and a brand new CD transport and laser optics all implemented to increase the level of sound quality and audio performance.

The new CD5si is currently available at a MSRP of £995, with North American pricing, yet to be announced. Look for more details at:

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