Neat Acoutics – New Motive SX Series

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Neat Acoustics - Motive SX

Neat Acoustics has just released their new Motive SX Series line of loudspeakers.  The Motive SX Series are successors to Neat Acoustics’ Motive Series, which has been in production for eight years.  The new Motive SX Series brings an extra layer of sophistication, without any loss.

The most obvious change is the tweeter; the new Motive SX Series incorporates a newly designed, black anodised aluminium dome, replacing the former series’ titanium dome tweeter. The new SXT tweeter retains the fast, uncompressed quality of its predecessor, but now delivers a more natural and cleaner tonal balance.

Superior Mundorf components have now been incorporated into a new simple three-element crossovers. The SXs will be single wired as standard. Bi-amp terminals are available at extra cost; however, is not recommended unless the speaker is to be bi-amplified.

The internal bracing and damping have been upgraded and the LF tuning optimised for each model in order to achieve excellent bass extension and control from such modest enclosures. The HF units now operate in their own enclosures to minimise driver crosstalk. 

The Motive SX series comprises three models:

SX1: 2 1/2 way floorstander;

SX2: 2-way floorstander and;

SX3, a two-way stand mount.

Both floorstanders have a bass reflex port that exhausts through the bottom panel of the cabinet and plinth. The plinth provides additional stability, clearance from the floor for the port and a rearward tilt for a more cohesive sound from the drivers at the listening position.





A matching centre channel the Motive SXC will be available in black oak finish only.

The Motive SX will be available in four finishes:  American Walnut; Black Oak; Natural Oak; Satin White

 The new Motive SX range was launched to North American consumers at the recent Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.  Specific pricing has not been announced though models are expected to fall between $1000 and $3000 U.S.  Look for more information to become available at:


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