Paradigm E3i and E2i In-Ear Headphones

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Paradigm e3mi

Paradigm Electronics Inc. has just begun shipping their new SHIFT Series E3i and E2i in-ear headphones. The new E3i and E2i in-ear headphones have been designed to provide the representative sound of Paradigm’s high-end speaker lines – the full audio spectrum with unbelievable clarity and tonal balance.  The key difference in the models is the amount and depth of bass they can produce.  The E3i bass performance is deep and intense; the E2i offers rich, deep bass.  An inline Apple approved remote/mic is built into the cord for added functionality.  The E3i and E2i are successors to the E3m and E2m and with the updated versions providing a thicker cord in a thermoplastic elastomer that provides greater flexibility and tangling resistance. A new 90-degree right angle 3.5-mm jack offers added flexibility.

For in-ear headphones, Paradigm uses an advanced head and torso manikin (Angie) as a human simulator that aids in measurements and ergonomic design. Stringent sonic testing and quality control is applied to in-ear headphones. The new in-ear headphones are critically tuned to Paradigm’s two main speaker lines: the E3i is tuned to the flagship Signature Series, the E2i to the reference Studio Series.

The new in-ear headphones are now available from select Paradigm Dealers throughout North America and also direct from the Paradigm website:  


E3i – mimic Paradigms Signature Series loudspeakers:
Construction: Quality 1-pc. aluminum
Flexible, tangle-resistant 1.2-m cord.
3.5-mm plug with 90-degree angle adapter
3 pairs of eartips (Small/Medium/Large)
Drivers: 8-mm super neodymium
Sensitivity: 105 dB
Frequency Response: 8 Hz – 19 kHz
Accessories: 3 pairs of eartips (Small/Medium/Large); padded travel case.
U.S. FMV: $129.99/ea

E2i – mimic Paradigm’s Reference Studio speakers:
Construction: 2-pc. sealed
Flexible, tangle-resistant 1.2-m cord
3.5-mm plug with 90-degree angle adapter
Drivers: 8-mm super-neodymium
Sensitivity: 104 dB
Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 19 kHz
Accessories: 3 pairs of eartips (Small/Medium/Large); padded travel case
U.S. FMV: $99.99/ea

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