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The Funk Firm Achromat – turntable platter mat


The Achromat from The Funk Firm takes the original theory and application to the max, incorporating refinements in composition and design that provide the highest performance enhancement, with near universal application. Replace your pathetic felt mat today with the Achromat and hear a significant improvement in clarity and accuracy in your vinyl playback. Available in three formats: 5mm; 3mm and; 1200 (for Technics 1200 & Garrard 301/401 tables).

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Product Description

The Achromat from The Funk Firm is the latest evolution of an original acrylic interface invented by Arthur Khoubesserian back in 1979. The Achromat takes the original theory and application to the max, incorporating refinements in composition and design that provide the highest performance enhancement and universal application.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the surface on which your vinyl lays. The stylus accelerates at up to 20,000g. This means your groove wall is not so much caressed but more akin to being pummelled by a road hammer creating travelling shock waves. With a difference in material, such as when vinyl sits on a felt mat, the interaction waves are reflected, with the energy deflected from the bottom of the record (a mere 2mm thick), which is picked up by the stylus, adding colouration, which is a distortion.

The Achromat is the ideal material to absorb energy from the record – there is no better. At just 3-5mm thick, its the science that makes the patent pending Achromat work. Millions of tiny bubbles within create complex pathways and that’s where the energy gets lost as heat. In this way, Achromat acts like a considerably thicker mat. Its job is complete.

No other mat is like it and all it takes is a simple A-B comparison to demonstrate the differences against other supports. Longer term listening allows subtle nuances as well as greater bass intelligibility to be appreciated.

In 2009 Achromat came top in a mat comparison in HiFi Choice and then went on to win the Gold Award for Accessory against all comers. We at Canada HiFi magazine have tested it when we reviewed the Acoustic Signature WOW XL turntable and were wowed by the results. In fact, the Achromat has found a permanent home with our reviewer, on his reference turntable.

The Achromat is the “mat of choice” for Linn LP12 and Technics SL1200 turntables and is now the World’s top selling mat.

There are three models of the Achromat:

Achromat 5mm:
The standard recommended thickness, which performs consistently betters than the 3mm mat.

Achromat 3mm:
For turntables that have non-adjustable VTA such as Rega or with short spindles, where a 5mm would present problems.

Achromat 1200:
Turntables with a machined lip, such as the Technics 1200 and Garrard 301 / 401. The Achromat is undercut to compensate for the lip on the platter.

The Achromat is designed for entry-level turntables right up to those in the ten-of-thousands. It is an extremely affordable way to get the most from you vinyl. Get one today, heck, get one for you and a good friend!!!

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Additional Information

Achromat Model / Thickness

3mm (black), 3mm (red), 3mm (blue), 3mm (yellow), 5mm (black), 5mm (orange), 5mm (white), 1200 (black)


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