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Zavfino 1877Phono Silver Dart Power Cable (1.5 m)


The OCC Silver Dart is the culmination of 3 years development and testing using our H-Wound™ stranding technique on large gauge conductors coupled with our newly developed Graphene doped conductive HDPE which is our newest break through in cable insulation. Utilizing our H-Wound™ stranding each power core is guaranteed “Zero Strand Loss” during assembly as the final horizontal silver OCC layer not only allows for perfect pitch across the conductors but also acts as a barrier layers to prevent fallen or clipped strands during the assembly process. What this means is 100% identical cores before they are secured in our Audiophile Grade power connectors.

Product Description

The Silver Dart’s OCC conductors are Cryo-Treated before extrusion and then undergo our thermal cleaning process to remove any external dirt, oils, and drawing residue from the conductor surface. This high voltage cleaning also puts a continuous voltage through the cable giving the Dart a sound and performance of a cable, which has been run-in for many months.

Our newly developed “Graphene Doped HDPE ” adds one more additional layer of shielding to our cable, which is lightweight, further reduces EMI and RFI without choking out the power distribution, which can happen, by adding additional braiding.


Silver Dart also uses our spaced layer “cable in cable” technique insulating this cable to an overall diameter of 23mm using a power cable inside a power cable design that is uniquely our own and adding it’s signature sound.

The optimal pairing for Dart are large power amplifiers, tube amps, and high power flow components, mono-blocks and wall to IEC power bars and conditioners.

The performance of the Dart is unrestricted, raw power transfer without adding coloration to your components while protecting and enhancing the true performance of your equipment.


  • Single Crystal OCC Copper

  • 10AWG/Core (3X10AWG) (H-Wound™)

  • 6 core cotton filler insulation

  • 105C degree PVC

  • Tight Pitch Stranding

  • Full coverage shield and drain

  • Graphene HDPE Dielectric Sheilding

  • Spaced layer suspension  extrusion 6mm

  • Anti-static direct braid jacket,

  • Diameter 23.0mm

  • High Density EVA Vibration cuffs

  • Connectors: 24k gold plated IEC, 24k gold plated USA or Schuko plug

  • Lengths: 1.5-2.5 meter



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