Red Wine Audio – Signature 57 Integrated Amplifier


Red Wine Audio Signature 57

Red Wine Audio has announced the imminent availability of their new Signature 57 Integrated amplifier.  The new Signature 57 is purported to set a new performance / value level for high-end amplification.  Making it unique amoung competitor integrated amplifiers is the Signature 57’s ability to run entirely “off-the-grid” on a high-current LiFePO4 battery.

The Signature 57 outputs up to 57 watts (RMS) / channel into 8 ohms or 115 watts / channel into 4 ohms via a discrete Class AB MOSFET .  It is also capable of driving a 2 ohms load with even high output power, allowing it to drive speaker that have challenging impendence curves.

Red Wine Audio indicates that the Signature 57 is the closest a consumer can get to the sound of Red Wine Audio’s own flagship Liliana monoblock amplifiers, within a single one-box integrated solution. 

The base Signature 57 has four analogue inputs and is available in cherry, maple and walnut finishes.  The new Signature 57 supports Red Wine Audio’s add-in options i.e. Belina DAC ($1,500); Analogica phonostage ($1,000) and; the Cassabria single-ended headphone stage ($500).

The base Signature 57 is currently available at a MSRP of $3,995 U.S.  Look for more details at:


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