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Samsung Electronics just announced the availability of some of their new premium products incorporating vacuum tube amplifiers…yes, you heard that right. Samsung has added tubes to provide add rich, harmonious sound qualities. In the line-up of new premium products are: the Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock, Samsung HT-E6530 3D Blu-ray 5.1 Home Entertainment System and Samsung HT-E6730W 3D Blu-ray 7.1 Home Entertainment System.

Samsung’s all new patented vacuum tube amplifier technology allows audio enthusiasts to enjoy the sonic benefits that tubes can bring to the audio experience. Vacuum tubes, which use a long-lasting heated cathode inside a glass bulb to amplify sound, tend to provide what is termed as warmer, more natural sound compared to conventional transistor based, solid-state products.

Consumers will be able to use the DA-E750 with their Galaxy S II smartphones, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Player as well as Apple iOS devices, thanks to a unique dual docking structure. Its 2.1-channel woven glass fiber speakers and powerful built-in subwoofer deliver 100 watts with enhanced bass. Consumers can use Samsung’s AllShare to share multimedia content between the audio dock and compatible smartphones, tablets, cameras and computers, or AirPlay to stream audio from iOS devices. The DA-E750 also includes analog (composite) input and connectivity via Bluetooth to MP3, WMA and WAV files from a broad range of devices – thumb drives, portable hard drives, music players and mobile devices.

The design of the DA-E750 was meant to bring sophistication to classic design, with luxury. The high gloss wood finish is available in either mahogany or piano black, which is accentuated by the warm glow from the vacuum tubes inside the docks when in operation. For added convenience, the audio dock will simultaneously charge the Galaxy S II or iOS device while streaming music.

Samsung’s flagship 3D Blu-ray Home Entertainment System, the HT-E6730W, offers high-definition audio and superior video for an all-in-one HT solution. The HT-E6730W is a 1,330-watt 7.1-channel system with two tower speakers and four additional speakers. Innovative swivel speakers are mounted on the specially designed front height speakers and may be turned upwards so sounds vertically cascade down onto the listener. The two rear wireless satellite speakers may be placed anywhere in the room without the need for additional wires to create a truly immersive vertical surround sound experience. A dual-unit passive radiator subwoofer provides clear, rich bass response.

Samsung’s vacuum tube pre-amplifier may be seen on the front and top of the system. The glass fiber cones in the speakers improve sound quality and minimize distortion, for the ideal combination of style and performance. Samsung’s Crystal Amp Plus technology offers pure digital audio playback and quality while also protecting listeners from unexpected jumps in volume.

The HT-E6730W seamlessly up-converts content to 1080p from a variety of sources, including DVDs, streaming video and connected media devices. Each home theater system employs a Samsung-developed system-on-a-chip (SoC), which has cutting-edge image quality enhancement algorithms, Samsung’s video processor and scaler, and various high definition codecs. The system also comes with built-in Wi-Fi for easy access to Samsung Smart Hub and AllShare. Newly designed for 2012, Samsung Smart Hub allows consumers to download hundreds of premium apps and use the web browser surf the Internet. They can also interact with friends and family using popular social networking services such as Facebook or Twitter.

The features of the HT-E6730W are also included in a 1,000 watt, 5.1 version, the Samsung HT-E6530 3D Blu-ray 5.1 Home Entertainment System. The HT-E6530 includes two tall speakers, satellite surrounds, centre channel and subwoofer. It’s vacuum-tube power that delivers brilliant sound by combining the best of digital and analog audio technologies.

All of the new premium components are set to ship this Spring in Canada at the following MSRP:

The Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock (MSRP: $699.99)
Samsung HT-E6530 3D Blu-ray 5.1 Home Entertainment System (MSRP: $699.99)
Samsung HT-E6730W 3D Blu-ray 7.1 Home Entertainment System (MSRP: $999.99)

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