Screen Innovations (SI) Transformer Projection Screen

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Screen Innovations - transformer

Screen Innovations (SI) have announced an all-new and innovative product, their Transformer – the first and only non-masking, masking system projection screen.

With the new Transformer, enthusiasts will be able to escape the disadvantages that go along with traditional masking systems, such as: bulky size, long installation, and lack of aesthetic finesse.  SI’s Transformer, a patent-pending telescoping frame design, transforms its frame size, rather than covering the screen surface and sacrificing viewing area.  When the video source’s aspect changes, the screen simply changes size on the fly (requires additional programming in existing automation) with the same look and feel of a traditional projection screen.  The screen’s frame size will now never change, only its aspect ratio will transform, providing a very effective and awe-inspiring presentation.

Transformer can be installed in less than 30 minutes vs. an entire day for most systems.

The new Transformer is expected to become available during the first quarter of 2016.  Look for more information to be shared on this product in the coming weeks at:

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