Sinclair Audio Soundbars and Bluetooth speakers


Canadian based Sinclair Audio has just expanded its product offerings with the introduction of the Sculptura TV1 and TV2 Sound Bars, and the WBT50 Bluetooth speakers.

The TV1 is a dual woofer, dual tweeter sound bar capable of producing bass output without a subwoofer that defies logic. It’s equipped with Bluetooth to wirelessly send music easily, a remote and learning feature built into the bar, top mounted controls to demo easily on the sales floor, and a selection of inputs to guarantee you can connect it to whatever you like.  It’s shipping now for $329.95.

The TV2 offers all the same functionality and features but has four woofers to play louder and comes with a wireless, 8”, 100 watt subwoofer for the ultimate in décor friendly high performance audio.  It’s shipping now for $499.95.

Also added to the line up is the WBT50 Bluetooth bookshelf speaker.  Like any Brighton it sounds absolutely sensational but even more impressive is its functionality and versatility: it’s equipped with 2 optical, 1 Stereo RCA, and 1 mini jack input so it easily connects any device of virtually any age, includes Bluetooth to wirelessly send music easily, and even includes 2 USB 5v inputs to charge your devices. They retail for $499.95/pr.

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