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Sonus faber
Sonus faber has announced their all-new Principia loudspeaker collection, a new entry level line that has been specifically designed for those seeking a simple hi-fi solution with an Italian touch at an affordable price.

Given the success of the company’s Chameleon line, the Principia collection is set to make it even easier for those to enter the world of high fidelity audio. The new Principia collection embodies the idea of a beginning, a foundation, a primary element: plain and essential lines, like the ones that define the speaker’s design, and a name that stands for one’s starting point and entry in the high end world.

Principia collection is made up of 5 passive loudspeakers (2 bookshelf, 2 floorstanding and one center channel) that show a deep relationship with the Chameleon collection; in fact, they share many of the Chameleon’s design and technical details – particularly the brushed aluminum finishes and trapezoidal shape – both as an homage and as a way of citing historic Sonus faber loudspeakers that helped shape our company.

The 29 mm high definition precoated fabric dome tweeter with DKM membrane is inherited from Chameleon as well, while the other drivers are new Sonus faber designs and are unique to Principia.

While Chameleon has exchangeable colored side panels and leather coverings, Principia features a flawless black vinyl veneer surface that matches and complements many different decors, particularly modern ones.

Principia is designed, realized and monitored in the Sonus faber headquarters in Arcugnano (VI), and is finished in P.R.C. under the strict supervision of experts who are able to reproduce the same control on procedures and quality typical of any Sonus faber product.

Principia collection will have its debut in Europe and Asia and then in the U.S. beginning in June 2016. Selected Sonus faber distributors will be the official sellers of the collection; Principia will be available in additional new mass market sale channels as well.

The Principia speakers are available with a standard Black finish at the following prices:

Principia 1, 2 way bookshelf vented box – $ 549 U.S./pair
Principia 3, 2 way bookshelf vented box – $ 699 U.S./pair
Principia 5, 3 way floorstanding vented box – $ 1,199 U.S./pair
Principia 7, 3 way floorstanding vented box – $ 1,499 U.S./pair
Principia C, 2 way closed box with passive radiator – $ 349 U.S./each

Please visit the Sonus faber’s website for more details on the Principia loudspeaker collection:

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