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Montreal Audio Fest 2017 01

Although the Montreal Audio show has been running continuously for 30 years, this March marked the second edition of the show under its new banner – Montreal Audio Fest. Spearheaded by Michel Plante and Sarah Trembley, the show made a big comeback this year, offering a larger number of exhibitors compared to 2015 and a greater sense of energy. This year’s show also appeared to be very well attended. George de Sa and I [Suave Kajko] spent three days in Montreal browsing the show floor for interesting products and new launches. Here are some of the more exciting exhibitors and products I came across.

Totem SKY tower speaker 2017

Totem Tribe Tower Speaker

Totem Acoustic
Returning to the show in a bigger role this year, Totem celebrated its 30 year anniversary by assembling a display that showcased all of the company’s speaker designs since the very beginning. Totem also introduced two brand new products – the Totem SKY tower speaker and the Totem Tribe tower speaker. The theme shared by both speakers was big sound from small speakers. The SKY tower joins the SKY monitor (launched at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show last fall) and features the same technology but this time around in a compact floor standing design. A quick listen to the SKY tower revealed a sweet, natural midrange and an impressively large, dynamic sound. The amount of bass from these speakers is sure to surprise just about everyone. The Tribe tower on the other hand is based on the superb technology found in the Tribe series of products and includes Totem’s exclusive Torrent drivers. The sound here was even bigger and more dynamic, while offering a luscious midrange and excellent low frequency punch. It’s design lines and white glossy finish make it one gorgeous looking speaker.  I smell a review of one (or both) of these speakers coming up in NOVO :-)

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 04

Bryston Limited
While Bryston didn’t launch any new products at the show, it’s always a pleasure to listen to their gear. The all-Bryston demo system here included the Model T active towers powered by 7B Cubed amps (powering bass drivers), 3B Cubed amps (mids and highs) and the BP-26 preamp. The source was the BDP-2 music player connected to a BDA-3 DAC. A custom designed crossover allowed James Tanner to fine tune the setup to achieve a perfectly flat frequency response in the room. As I’ve come to expect from Bryston, the system played with incredible energy and real world dynamics but also offered great precision and finesse with more delicate music.  This was one of my favorite sounding setups at the show.

In addition to the demo system, Bryston also showed a prototype 21B Cubed series 3-channel amp (on static display). The single chassis of this upcoming amp will house the circuitry of the 7B Cubed amp (single channel) and a 4B Cubed amp (two channels).

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 05

Nordost did what they do best at hifi shows – the company ran seminars all weekend showing visitors just how dramatic an improvement high quality cables and clean power delivery can make on a music system.

When I walked in the room, Michael Taylor was doing a seminar about power cords, revealing the improvement in sound when you step up the ladder from the company’s affordable Leif series all the way up to the reference Valhalla 2 series. In this particular demo, Michael was changing the cables on a CD transport but in my experience the improvement in sound is far greater when you upgrade the power cords on your amp and preamp.  Nevertheless, this was an eye-opening seminar for all participants – that’s for sure.

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 06

Kevro International
Sheldon Ginn of Kevro International, the distributor for Monitor Audio, Cyrus Audio and Tributaries, was delighted to introduce a new brand to his company’s portfolio – the U.K.-based Roksan Audio (recently acquired by Monitor Audio).

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 07

Not surprising then, at the center of the demo system was the new Roksan Blak integrated amp ($5,699) and the Roksan Blak CD Player ($4,999). The source was a Cyrus Stream XP2-QX all-in-one streamer/DAC. Flanking the electronics were the awesome Monitor Audio PL300 II loudspeakers (see our review here). This Roksan / Monitor Audio combo produced a highly detailed sound, with fantastic soundstaging and an articulate bass. The highs played with a airiness and great extension, offering all the micro details of the high frequencies.  I have long loved the sound of Monitor Audio and these speakers paired with Roksan gear sounded fantastic.

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 08

Montreal-based Plurison is a distributor of some of the finest hifi brands in the business and this year the company assembled a massive showcase highlighting nearly all of its brands. In my opinion, this was the greatest Plurison display I’ve seen to date at the Montreal show.  2017 marks the 35th anniversary for Plurison.

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 09

Whether money grows on trees in your garden or you earn it more traditionally, you would have been excited to listen to the exotic system anchoring this room. It was comprised of the Focal Grand Utopia speakers ($200K), the Naim Statement mono blocks and preamp ($300K), and the Clearaudio Statement turntable ($229K). The turntable design is unlike any other I’ve seen to date. The stand is a part of the turntable system and features a 98kg pendulum weight. When vibrations are introduced into the system, the pendulum allows the cartridge to track perfectly on the record. The platter also levitates in the air, thanks to its magnetic suspension. The sound of this system was musically stunning in every sense. The good news is that each of the three brands featured in this system offers components at real world price points that everyone that afford.

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 10

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 11

In the “down to earth” category, Plurison introduced a few new products at this year’s show. Here are two new entry level turntables from Music Hall, the MMF-1.3 ($399, with built-in phono stage) and the MMF-2.3 ($749).

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 12

This is a new compact sized Cocktail Audio N15 network music player / server with a built-in high quality DAC. You can outfit it with a 2.5″ hard drive up to 6GB in size. Control is provided via an attractive Cocktail Audio app for your phone or tablet.

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 13

Also shown was a new high-end Crystal Cable Cube integrated amp (with built-in DAC, Bluetooth, $15K). On the right is a brand new Slitech Triple Crown power cord ($15K), constructed with silver and gold conductors.

In addition to the new introductions, Plurison offered a station devoted to each of the brands the company imports. Check out the pictures below:

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 14

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 15

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 18

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 17

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 19

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 20

In another large room, Plurison not only showcased some of its professional audio products but also gave show attendees a chance to witness a few live recording sessions with local artists.

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 23

Acoustic Technologies
Montreal retailer Acoustic Technologies partnered with distributor Tri-cell Enterprises to demo a Unison Research / Opera Loudspeakers system. Inside this room, the new Opera Grand Callas tower speakers were introduced ($13,500). The electronics in play while I visited the room included the Unison Research Unico 150 integrated amp ($6,300) as well as the Unison Research Unico CD Due CD player ($6,000). The rack also displayed the Unico Primo integrated amp and the Unico CD Primo. Everything was wired up with Furutech NFC series cables. The system here painted a great big sound, with powerful dynamics, and an excellent true-to-life midrange that was perfectly blended with the highs and lows. A classical recording I heard offered a massive soundstage, while recordings with vocals were filled with emotion. I’m currently reviewing the Unico 90 integrated amp and CD Due – and loving what I’m hearing – stay tuned!

Acoustic Technologies also introduced a new Lumin server / streamer and now carries Primaluna electronics, including the Dialogue Premiere HP integrated valve amp ($5,600).

Elsewhere in the hotel, Acoustic Technologies also offered show visitors a chance to discover and purchase many other audio products and accessories from their booth.

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 24

Among these was a new brand of cables called Cyr Audio made just outside of Montreal (cables range from $800-$1,400).

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 01

Solid Rack also introduced a gorgeous new solid walnut wood hifi stand (26″ x 18″), middle of above picture, which retails for $1,500.

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 25

Audio Sensibility
Steven Huang of Audio Sensibility was excited to introduce a modified version of the Mundorf MA30 SG speaker (recently reviewed by NOVO) at the show. This Audio Sensibility version includes many upgrades: new cabinets, aluminum front baffles, cryogenically treated OCC copper or silver wiring, cabinet damping material, and WBT speaker posts, among others.

Montreal Audio Fest 2017 26

Playing together with the Mundorf speakers was an ANK Mentor amp, ANK EL34 mono blocks and ANK DAC5.1, running with a Mac mini. I had a chance to listen to a recording with acoustic guitars and vocals and found the system to produce a lush and detailed midrange.

That’s it from me for this year!  Highlights from George de Sa will be posted on our site in the next few days.

Cheers – Suave Kajko –

IMG_1653 (Custom)

The Salon Son & Image / Montreal Audio Show has been an iconic industry event for nearly 30 years. This year however there’s a bit of a story behind the show. Some ten days before the show, British owner Chester Group, decided to cancel this annual event due to little exhibitor interest. This news didn’t sit well with some of the players in the industry – particularly Michel Plante, the previous owner of the Montreal show owner and now director of marketing at Plurison. The following day Michel announced that he would revive the Montreal show albeit in a different format and under a new name – Montreal Audio Fest. To make this happen in just over a week was a monumental undertaking to say the least. George de Sa and I (Suave Kajko) jumped on the train from Toronto to Montreal happy to know that Michel had managed to pull it off.

Given the last minute effort to “save” the show, it came as no surprise that this year’s show featured a small number of exhibitors but for true audiophiles there were still a decent number of music systems on demonstration. Below you will find my show report which focuses on some of the latest products revealed at the show.

IMG_1621 (Custom)

I began by visiting the Bryston room where the company revealed numerous new products, including the highly anticipated Cubed series amplifiers and the company’s first series of compact components. The Cubed series offers a refreshing new look and a total of six new amplifier models to choose from, rated from 135 watts per channel all the way up to 1000 watts per channel.

In contrast to the full-sized Cubed amplifiers, the new compact components offer a taste of the legendary Bryston sound in a compact package and affordable price points. The three compact components on display included the BDP-Pi digital audio player, BMC phono preamp and PS-3 power supply.

IMG_1625 (Custom)

After discontinuing CD player production several years ago, Bryston has decided to bring a brand new BCD-3 disc player into production – also shown at the show.

IMG_1630 (Custom)

The all Bryston system on demo inside this room – highlighting the 4B Cubed amplifier – served up a rich, vivid musical experience. I’ve long enjoyed the sound of Bryston amplifiers and this is the cleanest, most detailed sound I’ve heard from their amplifiers yet. Look out for a review of one of these in an upcoming issue of CANADA HiFi.

IMG_1645a (Custom)

Distributor Goerner Communication proudly highlighted the high-end Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur (WLM) brand of speakers paired together with Grandinote electronics. Reinhard Goerner introduced WLM for the first time to the North American market at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show last fall and is deeply passionate about the brand, hoping to peak the interest of serious audiophiles. The system here offered a luscious, rich sound with a tremendously expansive soundstage. Truly one of the better sounding systems at this year’s show. I caught a couple of Leonard Cohen songs while in this room and he never sounded better.

IMG_1638a (Custom)

The speakers in play were the Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur Rudolf ($28,000, above).  Grandinote electronics included the Volta streamer / DAC ($14,000), the Shinai integrated amplifier ($17,000) and the Celio phono preamp ($9,000).  The analog source was an Acoustic Signature WOW-XXL turntable ($5,000) outfitted with the TA-1000 tonearm ($2,200).

IMG_1649 (Custom)

Plurison, one of Canada’s largest distributors of audio products, and also the organizer of this year’s Montreal show, introduced a couple of new products and highlighted some of its top brands across three large rooms. Plurison also announced at the show the addition of the popular German turntable brand Clearaudio to its portfolio of brands.

IMG_1659 (Custom)

One of brand new products that company launched at the show was the Naim Mu-so Qb compact wireless music system ($1,299), a follow up to Naim’s highly regarded original Mu-so system (recently reviewed by CANADA HiFi). This all-in-one system may be small in size but it will stream music from just about any source and offers a massive sound thanks to its 300 watts of power, along with clever engineering.

IMG_9025 (Custom)

Every year, the beginning of spring is celebrated by Canadian audio enthusiasts at the Montreal Audio Show / Salon Son & Image. Similarly, every year George de Sa and I (Suave Kajko) embark on the short journey from Toronto to Montreal to explore the show floor in search of the latest audio products and exceptional sonic demonstrations. Shows like this present a wonderful opportunity to see old friends and make exciting new ones. We worked long hours on the show floor during the three day show, and enjoyed ourselves equally well after hours in the seductive culture of the beautiful city of Montreal. Thought this year’s show didn’t feature nearly as many exhibitors as previous shows, we certainly managed to find some pretty attractive exhibits. I hope you enjoy some of my show highlights!

IMG_8801 (Custom)


One of the companies generating the biggest buzz at this year’s show was Plurison, one of Canada’s largest audio brand distributors. This company always puts on standout displays at shows and this year was absolutely no different. Michel Plante, Canadian Marketing & Sales Manager, invited me to sit down for a demonstration of something that he was clearly very excited about – the Devialet Phantom speakers. Offering a rather revolutionary design, these speakers feature built-in amplification and produce sound in an omnidirectional pattern that is completely different from a conventional speaker, hence offering uniform sound throughout the listening room. As we’ve come to expect from Devialet, this speaker offers leading edge technology, combining both analog and digital technologies in order to achieve a very high level of performance. Connect the Phantom to your home network (wired or wirelessly or via your power lines) and it’ll allow you to stream music from your smartphone/tablet, computers in your house and most internet music services. Devialet’s Spark app for smartphones and tablets makes playback a snap. You can start with just one or two speakers, and add more to build a multi-room system. Two versions of this speaker will be available – the Phantom (about $2,500 each) and the Phantom Silver (about $3,000 each).

IMG_8806 (Custom)

The demonstration room looked like a scene straight out of a sci-fi movie, as shown in the two pictures above. I sat down for a few minutes to listen to the Devialet Phantom and as soon as the music started played my jaw dropped and remained there for an unreasonably long period of time. These relatively small speakers pack a tremendous amount of musical energy, while playing with a clean, articulated bass that stretched into the lowest frequencies effortlessly. The highs were extended and the mids were luscious. These speakers clearly demanded a longer listening session, so I asked nicely for Plursion to send us a pair for review when they become available.

IMG_8763 (Custom)

IMG_8768 (Custom)

IMG_8778 (Custom)

In addition to the Devialet demo, Plurison had a ton of other products on static displays, filling the large hotel hallways.  Another big announcement from the company was the release of a new Cambridge Audio CX series, which will be replacing the long-standing Cambridge Audio Azur series.  Expected to begin shipping in June, the CX series will offer all newly designed components: the 851W power amplifier, the 851N and CXN network players, the CXA60 and CXA80 integrated amplifiers, the CXC CD transport (this is a transport only since all new Cambridge components have DACs built-in), as well as the CXR120 and CXR200 AV receivers.

IMG_8786 (Custom)

IMG_8782 (Custom)

Another highlight at the Plurison display were two introductory turntable-based systems for those looking for an affordable and simple setup that doesn’t require a large number of components. The first system on display is called the “My First Spin” priced at $699.  It is comprised of the Music Hall USB-1 turntable and the Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier, along with the Focal Spirit One S headphones, and a record brush. The second system accordingly called the “My Second Spin” ($1,199) features a higher performance Music Hall MMF2.2LE turntable, the Kanto YUMI amplified speakers, and the Micromega MyGroov phono section.

Other brands on display from Plurison, on static display, included Focal, Cocktail Audio, Rega, Music Hall, Naim Audio, Pathos, Siltech and Crystal Cable.

P1030766 (Custom)


Canada’s own Bryston offers one of the most diverse ranges of audio products of any company in the business. At shows, the company tends to stretch its muscles by showcasing its big guns, which is fun to see as most of us don’t have rooms large enough to build such audio systems. Of course Bryston has products suitable for all real-world room sizes too.  This March, Bryston proudly showed the full line-up of Canadian-built Target Audio Products speaker stands, a brand that it recently began distributing, as well as the brand new Bryston BDA-3 DAC which offers DSD decoding and will begin shipping in the late spring / early summer. The Target speaker stands appear to offer a high level of build quality and reasonable price points – ranging from $269/pair to $549/pair. We’ve got the BDA-3 DAC ordered for review when they become available so stay tuned to CANADA HiFi for a complete evaluation.  I personally use the Bryston BDA-1 DAC in my own reference system, as I find it to be one of the best DACs out there in its price range.  Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade to the BDA-3 DAC… 

P1030783 (Custom)

The Bryston system on demonstration was the same as the company showed last year at the Montreal show and commented by many as one of the best sounding systems at the show – and for an achievable price. It consisted of a Bryston BP-26 preamp, a pair of 7BSST2 amplifiers, the flagship Model T speakers in a white gloss finish, the BDA-3 DAC, the BDP-2 digital player, along with the new BOT-1 burner (Bryston Optical Transport). The BOT-1 is designed to add ripping and playback capabilities to the company’s BDP-1 and BDP-2 digital players – it allows you to rip your CDs directly to a hard drive connected to your Bryston digital player, cutting the computer completely out of the equation – a worthy system addition for all BDP player owners.  Overall, this was one of the best sounding rooms at the show and one that offered audio gear for just about every wallet.

In addition to the active demo system, the walls of this room were laid out with all kinds of other Bryston products, including the company’s full line-up of loudspeakers and subwoofers, as well as nearly all of the company’s electronics. Notable recently announced speakers showcased here included the Micro A Sub subwoofer and the AC-1 Micro centre channel speaker. On a related note, look out for a Bryston Model A2 loudspeaker review from CANADA HiFi’s contributor Douglas Brown coming up in the next week.  Bryston has already also confirmed its participation in the 2015 edition of the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show ( and we can’t wait what they company will show us there!

P1030770 (Custom)

IMG_9130 (Custom)

Deep Space Audio

It is always a pleasure to discover a brand new company like Deep Space Audio, at an audio show. Although this Montreal-based company was officially established just over six months ago, the roots of its first speaker model, called the Deep Space Audio DS-1, go back almost 10 years. What began as a project between three musician friends has developed into a business of passion. The DS-1 is an attractive looking, full-range (20 Hz – 20 kHz) loudspeaker based on a bass-reflex design and constructed out of 1.5-inch thick Russian plywood. It is equipped with a 10″ paper cone woofer, a 4″ paper cone midrange and a 1″ cloth dome tweeter – all drivers are sourced from Scan-Speak in Denmark. A careful onlooker like myself, will immediately notice that the crossovers are external, mounted at the bottom rear of each speaker. This helps to isolate the crossover components from undesirable mechanical vibrations.  The Deep Space Audio DS-1 speakers retail for $20,000/pair.  Associated gear in this room included an Acoustic Research tube amplifier, an Oracle turntable as well as a preamp and DAC from Conrad Johnson.  Look out for CANADA HiFi’s review of the company’s upcoming Deep Space Audio DS-2 loudspeaker in the next few months.

IMG_9150 (Custom)

Evolution Home Corp – Dolby Atmos Demo

Have you heard about Dolby Atmos?  It’s a brand new audio format that’s bringing more immersive, three-dimensional sound than ever before to movie theatres and homes.  Specifically, this new format introduces four overhead speakers that allow you to experience elevated sound.  You have to hear it to believe it!  Of course the challenge for most consumer is cutting holes, running wires and installing speakers in the ceiling, which can be a troublesome and expensive affair.  But there is an easier solution in the form a new type of speaker called a Dolby Atmos enabled speaker – it’s basically a speaker that’s designed to radiate upwards and reflect sound off the ceiling and back to the listening position.

Saxe Brickenden of Evolution Home Corp, ran a very immersive demonstration of Dolby Atmos at this year’s show in a home theatre that consisted of Definitive Technology speakers, a SIM2 projector and a Marantz AV receiver.  Definitive Technology’s solution to installing Dolby Atmos in a home theatre is the A60 Elevation Module speaker ($350 each, approx.) which mounts on top of the company’s most popular floor standing speaker called the BP-8060ST ($1,400 each). This low profile speaker measures just 4-inches tall and elegantly clips on top of the BP-8060ST – all you have to do is run one of the Atmos “elevation” channels to it via a speaker wire from your AV receiver. In order to enjoy Dolby Atmos you will of course need an AV receiver that offers Atmos processing, like the Marantz that was featured inside this room, as well as content that’s encoded with Atmos. The system on demonstration consisted of four BP-8060ST floor standing speakers (a bipolar design with a built-in powered subwoofer). The picture was provided by a SIM2 Nero 3D-1 projector ($19,995) from the company’s Domino line. The Nero 3D-1 is a single-chip DLP design, offering 1080p resolution. I sat down for a demonstration of the system with Atmos encoded content and was very pleased with the experience.  The Definitive Technology BP-8060ST and A60 Elevation Module (attached to the top of the speaker) are shown below.  You can expect to see a number of companies demonstrating Dolby Atmos at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show this Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 (


Definitive Technology A60 (Custom)

In an adjoining room, Evolution Home Corp also demonstrated a 2-channel system comprised of Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L SuperTower speakers, and AudioControl Rialto amplifier and a Mass Fidelity Relay source.

IMG_8641 (Custom)

Skogrand Cables / Audiopathways

Skogrand Cables from Norway partnered with distributor Audiopathways to assemble what I thought was one of best sounding systems at the show.  Skogrand also took the opportunity to reveal its complete range of audio cables to the Canadian consumers / industry for the very first time. What makes the products from this company special? Skogrand has managed to develop solid core cables that float completely in the air through the whole length of the cable (i.e. without using any kinds of supports or ever coming into contact with the cable jacket). This technology allows the cables to achieve the absolute highest level of performance and can be found in the company’s top four cable series: the Vivaldi, Ravel, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven. Something else that makes this company’s cables unique and instantly recognizable are the silk sheet cable jackets. Company founder Knut Skogrand joked saying that his cables are “dressed for the occasion” when listening to grand recordings. Skogrand Cables currently produces speaker cables, interconnects, power cables, digital cables and speaker jumpers.

The audio system in this room consisted of Raidho speakers paired with VAC electronics and played with liquid fluidity, making me fall in love with the combination. If you read CANADA HiFi regularly, you may know that I consider Raidho speakers to be one of the best speaker brands in the world, and listening to them here with VAC electronics inspired me to take a closer look at VAC as well.  The HRS audio rack contained a VAC Statement 450S amplifier, a new VAC Master preamplifier, a Brinkmann Sindre turntable with a Triangle Art Apollo cartridge, a Sutherland Duo phono stage, and a full loom of Skogrand cables.  The speakers on demo were the Raidho D-3 models.  Keep an eye out for our take on Skogrand cables, as well as a Raidho review, in an upcoming issue of CANADA HiFi.

030 (Custom)

Skogrand Cables focused on demonstrating its Tchaikovsky cable series in the system, while showing the company’s full range of cables in various displays on the perimeter of the room. We expect Skogrand Cables to demonstrate its cables for the first time at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show this fall (Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 2015,



As if the system above wasn’t enough, distributor Audiopathways offered show visitors two additional rooms of audio bliss.  The first of these rooms was centred around the Bel Canto Black System, one of the highest performance audio systems I have personally ever listened to.  The price of $70,000 for this system however is a little hard to swallow for most… but it’s nice to dream.  The other components in the system included the Raidho D-2 speakers, a Brinkmann Magne turntable with the Kiseki PurpleHeart cartridge, and a Sutherland Insight phono stage.  Standing off to the side, and also ready for demoing, were the Raidho C 1.1 bookshelf speakers as well as the tiny and unreasonably mighty Raidho X1 speakers. The sources included a Bel Canto CD3t CD transport and a REFlink USB converter used to stream music from the TIDAL online music service.


In another room, Audiopathways demonstrated the very special pairing of Jeff Rowland electronics and Raidho speakers. I am currently working on a review of the Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 integrated amplifier (possibly the highest performing integrated I’ve ever reviewed) and hope to get my hands on a pair of Raido D-1 stand-mount speakers for review very soon.  In play, in this system was the Jeff Rowland 625 power amplifier, the Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC, the Jeff Rowland Corus preamp, and Raidho D-1 speakers.  The sources were a MAC computer and the Bel Canto CD2 CD player.  Audiopathways also introduced Ansuz cables (a parent company of Raidho) for the very first time in Canada in this room.  Finally, also shown in this room were two new Triangle Art turntables – the Reference and the Symphony (with 2 arms), as well as US-made Acurus amps and preamps.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article in the next couple of days…


IMG_1584 (Custom)

The 28th annual Montreal Audio Show | Salon Son & Image will be descending on beautiful Montreal this Friday to Sunday (Mar. 27th to Mar. 29th).  The show will take place at the Hotel Hilton Bonaventure.  Suave Kajko and George de Sa of the CANADA HiFi magazine will be heading down to see what’s new and to cover the show.  We hope to run into some of our readers at the show!  For complete details about the show, please visit