Update TV & Stereo Elevated: Adds Pro-Ject Turntables to its impressive line-up of record player brands



It’s not a fad. It’s a Renaissance.  Turntables are as popular now as they have been in over 3 decades and we absolutely love it. The emphatic return of vinyl has our business humming in a way it hasn’t in some time.  Nostalgia aside, it’s just encouraging to know people can still appreciate the difference between uncompressed and compressed audio!

For this reason, we’ve decided to expand our turntable repertoire by adding Austrian record player juggernaut, Pro-Ject Audio Systems.  With 50 plus years of turntable manufacturing experience under their belt, our already exceptional record player collection just got that much more impressive.

For the full Pro-Ject experience visit the Update Elevated showroom at 150 Main Street Unionville, today!  For more info, please visit www.updatetvandstereo.com

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