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Sun Jan 23 2011

Stealth Acoustics Monolith Loudspeaker

Stealth Acoustics just recently announced an all new loudspeaker model – the Monolith.  Stealth Acoustics is well known for their invisible speakers but this new model is actually a “visible” model – a free-standing speaker.  The Monolith is a uniquely form-factored high-end Hi-Fi loudspeaker intended for critical listeners, or those who want a truly unique and customizable visual experience from a loudspeaker.


Unlike other free-standing speakers, MONOLITH has no exposed drivers, nor grill covering. Instead, the speaker has a flat front radiating surface which may be finished with real hardwood of various species, custom graphics, or painted for true architectural integration.


The results are both visually unique and audibly enticing. “Oddly for a freestanding speaker in the world of two-channel audio, the width of the sound field in MONOLITH is amazing. The delivery of everything from jazz to classical and even Metallica was amazing. Crystal clear horns, snares and guitar solos were a joy…magical” said Joe Whitaker, while previewing MONOLITH for Joe continued; “I would put the speakers on par - if not better- than many models that sell for $8,000-$10,000.”


Full release of MONOLITH will be in the 1st quarter of 2011 and Stealth has not yet released final pricing, but anticipates wood-grain finished versions to retail in the range of $4,500 to $6,500, depending on the desired finish.


MONOLITH is based upon Stealth’s latest LR4 technology, which is also available in its forthcoming LR4-X family of totally invisible in-wall / in-ceiling speakers. “We originally created the LR4 approach as an invisible speaker solution, but quickly moved it into a free-stander. Our patented ‘Quad Balanced Midrange Drive tm’ driver set creates almost hemispherical radiation, but with a uniquely balanced angular distribution in the vertical, horizontal and depth sound stages allowing for a spacious two-channel listening experience. We plan on further maximizing the opportunities presented by such compelling sound results.” said Steve Olszewski, Stealth’s vice president.


More details to be found soon at:




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