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Wed Jan 26 2011

Transmission Audio M1i and M3 Mk.II Loudspeakers

Sweden based Transmission Audio Inc. has just recently begun supplying their loudspeaker products to the U.s. through Signal Collection.  Their M1i and M3 Mk. II are the latest creations to come from Bo Bengsston’s, the well-known Swedish sound designer and former consultant to several high-end US speaker manufacturers.


The M1i and the M3 Mk. II are said to take a significant step forward in ribbon tweeters coupled with a woofer.  They incorporate the new QUADRA, a "Dynamic Propulsion" tweeter, which uses four ribbons - each served by its own magnet engine.  The resulting force factor is claimed to give a tremendous increase in resolution and sensitivity and improve air-coupling (acoustic impedance).  It also allows the QUADRA to cross-over at lower frequencies.  Ted Jordan-based FlexFoil woofers are the at the other end of the frequency spectrum in this design [1 x 5" for the monitor, 2 x 6.5" for the floorstander].


Pricing for the Transmission Audio ribbon speakers begins at $4.499/pr for the M1i, goes to $6.499 to $7.299/pr for the M3 MkII depending on the finish.


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