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YG Acoustics has just announced their new flagship member of its family of loudspeakers, namely, the Sonja.  YG Acoustics approach to development of the Sonja reflects the notion that form follows function in excellent design.

The Sonja has pure and flowing lines, which complement the acoustics of the speaker.  YG Acoutics claims that the Sonja’s form actually provides a profound acoustical advantage, while also being aesthetically pleasing.  The enclosure design of the Sonja was arrived at based on conclusions made about key aspects of air flow and its effect on sonic behavior.  Supposedly, the Sonja’s enclosure design ensures that  wave propagation has improved uniformity and ease, resulting in superior dispersion and reduced diffraction effects.  In addition, YG Acoustics states that this new enclosure design for the Sonja is the quietest that they have created, ever.  Sonically, Sonja offers further refinement of the highly regarded YG Acoustics attributes, in no small part due to an expanded no?compromise DualCoherent network.  The celebrated DualCoherent technology ensures propper amplitude response coupled with a pristine integration of phase into the critical bass frequencies, which means coherency from top to bottom.

The Sonja utilizes BilletCore drivers machined from solid blocks of aircraft?grade aluminum; ForgeCore tweeters with vanishingly low distortion; ultra?quiet ToroAir toroidal crossover inductors; FocusedElimination resonance control without loss, and a new benchmark in inert cabinet construction.  Sonja is said to be an unrestrained embodiment of YG Acoustics’ research.

The Sonja will be made available in three configurations, given it’s modular design.  The 1.1 is essentially a bookshelf sized monitor; the 1.2 adds a bass module enclosure, making the Sonja a floorstander and; the 1.3 adds a third module for greater extended bass response, turning the Sonja into a super floorstander.

Official price and availability of the new YG Acoustics Sonja is yet to be announced; however, the Sonja will make it’s world debut at the upcoming CES 2013 and some unofficial pricing on the various configurations are as follows:

1.1 – 46,000 U.S.
1.2 – 90,000 U.S.
1.3 – 150,000 U.S.

Watch for more details to be released at: www.ygacoustics.com.

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