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Sun Jan 23 2011

Monsoon Multimedia’s Vulkano Blast DVR / Mobile Streamer

Would a DVR with web video, anywhere TV, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) streaming, mobile video recording and 160 GB internal storage be of interest to you?  If so, then the recent announcement from Monsoon Multimedia about there Vulkano Blast DVR will interest you – it has all this.


The Vulkano Blast is a versatile TV video platform that has been developed to give consumers the freedom to watch TV and web video content from anywhere in the world, as well as view personal content on the TV from smartphones, tablets, computers or video cameras.  TiVo, Slingbox and Roku, can be replaced by the Vulkano Blast, while additionally providing a complete video, photo and music experience across smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry), PCs, Macs, televisions and soon on Windows 7 and Symbian phones.


A simple set up allows users to watch and control all TV channels through a wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G connection by initially installing a Vulkano Blast and downloading the appropriate software application onto the supported devices from or from the respective app stores.  The Vulkano Blast EPG (electronic program guide) will allow the user to record, transfer, watch and control recordings at any time from the device.


The Vulkano Blast lets users watch YouTube on the TV and by leveraging UPnP they can stream video and photos from their smartphones, computers, NAS drives and cameras wirelessly on to their living room TV.  In the near future, Vulkano will offer free service upgrades such as Amazon, Yahoo! Widgets, Netflix and others.


TV content is passed from the set-top box's analog output (component, composite) to Vulkano; using resolutions up to 1080i


Vulkano Blast will be available for $199 U.S. in January at:

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