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Latest Reviews

Audience Studio ONE Speaker Cables Review

March 28th, 2022|

So your audiophile sixth-sense is screaming that your 2-channel stereo system is missing… something. The highs are harder than a dry brick of Weetabix. The midrange is recessed and poorly fleshed out. The lower midrange, upper [...]

Audience Studio ONE HP A/C Power Cords Review

January 7th, 2022|

When budding audiophiles get a decent 2-channel stereo assembled, they often notice that their systems sound better in the middle of the night. The key question that shivers forth like heart palpitations a few minutes after [...]

Sonus faber Lumina I Loudspeakers Review

April 22nd, 2021|

Sonus faber Lumina I: Sanctuary in a Small Package I’ll bet that I’m not the only music lover who has lusted after a pair of Sonus faber’s reference speakers. My love-at-first-sight moment came at the 2010 [...]

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO Turntable Review

March 30th, 2021|

In the era of growing digital music adoption, many people predicted vinyl enthusiasts along with the format itself to quickly fade away. The 90’s represented these “dark days”. However despite these predictions, in 1991 a company [...]

PrimaLuna EVO 200 Integrated Amplifier Review

October 2nd, 2020|

Over the years, I’ve been able to hear PrimaLuna products at both shows and dealer showrooms and have always been impressed, yet, I’ve never had the chance to bring one home. Living now in Dublin, I [...]

Sonus faber Electa Amator III Loudspeaker Review

September 15th, 2020|

I recently had an issue with my air conditioner. While a technician named Trevor worked on the HVAC system, I was burning-in a pair of Sonus faber’s new Electa Amator III (EA3) bookshelf monitors. Trevor quietly [...]