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Voitek GNV27DB 2k Curved Screen 144Hz Gaming Monitor

March 26th, 2020|

Viotek has just announced the GNV27DB 2k Curved 144Hz Gaming Monitor, a successor to its wildly popular GN27xx series of curved monitors. The GNV27DB is a 1500R more pronounced curve 2k resolution gaming monitor with a [...]

Montreal Audiofest is Canceled

March 13th, 2020|

The Montreal Audiofest, scheduled to run from March 27-29 in Montreal, has been canceled as efforts in Canada continue to ramp up in the defense against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Over the last few [...]

PSB Speakers Alpha S10 and Alpha S8 Subwoofers

March 11th, 2020|

PSB Speakers has just announced two new additions to its Alpha Series: the Alpha S10 ($749 CAD) and the Alpha S8 ($599) powered subwoofers. The S8 and S10 subwoofers exhibit characteristics which are usually left unaddressed [...]

Product News: Audio Research Phono 3SE Phono Preamplifier

March 9th, 2020|

Audio Research (ARC) is pleased to announce important updates to its highest-performance phono stage, the Reference Phono 3 Phono Preamplifier with the launch of the Reference Phono 3SE. Following the launch of the recent Reference (REF) [...]

Chord Electronics Intros 2go Streamer / Server and 2yu Digital Interface

February 14th, 2020|

Chord Electronics has announced 2go, a high-performance streamer/server designed to transform Hugo 2 into a fully featured Wi-Fi- and Ethernet-enabled device, bringing the proven sound quality benefits of the company’s class-leading proprietary DAC technology to network [...]

Pro-Ject Releases Its First Audiophile Record

February 13th, 2020|

For nearly 30 years, Pro-Ject has been known for offering the best in luxury audio listening equipment, but now the brand is excited to extend its listening offerings with a new audiophile record created under the [...]

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