Erzetich Launches Two New Thalia Headphones Series

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Audio manufacturer Erzetich has unveiled two new series of its popular Thalia headphones. Thalia are the world’s first handcrafted audiophile portable headphones and are now available as part of the Art and Limited Edition series.

Thalia headphones are named after the goddess of festivity and offer supreme, crystal clear hi-resolution sound quality. The headphones have been designed specifically for portable devices including phones, tablets, DAPs and portable DACs. Made from wood and metal, they are noted for their large sound stage and open cup design. Unlike some high-end headphones, they keep wearers safe by ensuring external sounds are not blocked entirely. They come complete with signature octagonal cups and silver-plated oxygen-free braided copper wire with gold-plated connectors.

Each pair of headphones from the Art Series is truly unique and original due to the limitless combinations of texture and colour. There are no compromises on audio quality, with sound remaining every bit as impressive as the standard editions. The Thalia Art Series ensures each audiophile can gain access to a truly distinctive product.

Although Thalia headphones typically feature linden wood, Erzetich is now offering consumers the chance to buy products built from other types of wood. The new Limited Edition walnut headphones were designed after the Erzetich team experimented with various types of wood. This is the brand’s first Limited Edition series and offers the same rich, super-detailed flawless audio quality as their standard headphones. Only 20 pairs of these Limited Editions will be manufactured, ensuring these products are already highly soughtafter. Music lovers can look forward to “deep and controlled bass, velvety mids and detailed higs” whether they opt for standard, Art Series of Limited Edition Thalia headphones.

Erzetich was first launched by Blaž Erzetič back in 2012. Erzetič used his in-depth knowledge of electronics, acoustics and design to create products that raise listening to a higher echelon. Erzetich’s customer network includes music connoisseurs as illustrious as Faith No More’s Bill Gould, Imogen Heap and Nile Rodgers.

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