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V-MODA Crossfade LP Headphones – Customs Program

February 23rd, 2011|

These days fashion expressions seem to be fully integrated with new products and so it goes with V-MODA’s new Crossfade Customs personalization option for its Crossfade LP headphones.  It’s fun to play dress-up!  The V-MODA Customs [...]

Apple To Launch New iPad On March 2nd

February 23rd, 2011|

Apple is expected to launch its second generation iPad on March 2, contrary to speculation of a possible delay. The speculation over the timing of the new iPad comes from reports that this could be because [...]

Marshall Minor Earphones

February 21st, 2011|

  Marshall Amps are very well known to muscians.  Recently Marshall entered the headphone market with an over the ear headphone.  Marshall now continues to build on their product line with their lastest entry to the in-ear headphone or [...]

Onkyo UWF-1 Wireless USB Adapter

February 21st, 2011|

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘good things come in small packages’, but do you really believe it?  Well there are raisins…hmmm, maybe not the best example.  Well, how about Onkyo’s new UWF-1 Wireless USB Adapter?   [...]

The CANADA HiFi Website Gets a Makeover!

February 19th, 2011|

If you enjoyed getting your fix of audio video information from in the past, we hope that you will enjoy it even more from our newly redesigned website.  The new CANADA HiFi website offers a [...]

Mad Catz Xbox 360 MC2 Racing Wheel & Pedals

February 10th, 2011|

Car racing games are not just for kids. Many average Joes and car fanatics enjoy racing cars on their television sets, as do I. The beauty of playing car racing games is that you can drive [...]

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