HDTV Primer

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Television goes digital For a technology that has been around and virtually unchanged for 50 years, television is making huge leaps in quality and features. According to published sources, colour was added to television in 1953. [...]

Digital Television

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Digital technology is the reason why modern large screen televisions can be hung like a picture on the wall. It is also the reason why you can take your music collection in your pocket anywhere you [...]

HDScape Blu-ray Discs

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I love to entertain regularly at my house, whether it's a family get-together or an evening of cocktails with friends. Consequently I'm always on the look out for fresh ideas to keep my guests entertained. Naturally, [...]

Home Theater PCs (HTPCs)

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Did your home theater system crash again while watching your favorite DVD? Just hit the reset button! Welcome to the age of the living room PC. That was hopefully a joke, not a foresight into the [...]

Hacking Your DVD Player

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Living in a multicultural country like Canada, we have access to products from around the world including DVDs. Unfortunately most DVD players sold in Canada are unable to play DVDs from other parts of the world. [...]