Paradigm Stylus Series 470 v.3 (outdoor speakers)

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The Stylus 470s are a brand new pair of outdoor speakers from Paradigm aimed at audio enthusiasts that demand accurate sound even outdoors. Each speaker has a two-way, acoustic suspension (non-ported) design that unites a 7-1/2 inch woofer and a 1 inch pure titanium dome tweeter, crossed over at 2.3 kHz. The Stylus 470s have a frequency response rated from 55 Hz right up to 20 kHz and a sensitivity of 91 dB. Paradigm recommends an amplifier with 15 to 100 watts per channel to drive these speakers. Audio can be connected to the gold-plated binding posts of the Stylus 470’s via bare wire or banana plugs. Wall mounting brackets made of metal and plastic are included in the box and allow each speaker to be mounted vertically or horizontally. The Stylus 470s come in a choice of a white or black finish from Paradigm but can be painted to match their outdoor surroundings.

From the moment I first began my evaluation of the Stylus 470s, I picked up on the fact that these were very musically versatile speakers. Every genre of music that I sent their way – classical, jazz, rock or pop – sounded every bit as it should. Classical and jazz recordings were clear, fluent and contained all the subtle details. Rock lyrics and riffs were intelligible and pop had an impressive amount of lower extension. The Stylus 470s played smooth high frequencies with all the subtle details. The mid frequencies were clear and the vocals were alive. Thanks to the large 7-1/2 inch woofer and the large cabinet, the bass extension reached impressively deep, without sacrificing any quality. Smaller changes in low frequencies that many outdoor speakers tend to blur, were easily distinguishable. The Stylus 470s provided a wide sound dispersion and sounded equally great in all the seats on my deck. When I turned the music up, the Paradigms effortlessly filled my entire backyard with an impressive quality of sound – whether my neighbors felt the same, I’m not so sure.

The Paradigm Stylus 470 speakers delivered an inspiring performance that was true to the source with all types of music. Thanks to their large woofers and large cabinets, they provided a wide frequency range combined with a crystal clear sound. Since the Paradigms are fairly large speakers, they are best suited for medium to large-sized patios. If you’re looking for top notch sound quality for your outdoor space, the Paradigm Stylus 470 speakers should definitely satisfy your need. Their price of $758 is certainly justifiable given their performance.

To fit smaller decks, gazebos or unusually shaped areas, Paradigm offers an alternative single-speaker solution that you might want to consider. The Stylus 470-SM is a 3-way speaker that uses a single 7-1/2 inch woofer in combination with dual 1 inch tweeters. This speaker accepts a left and right stereo signal and produces a sound field similar to two discrete Stylus 470 speakers.



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