Bel Canto REF600M Monoblock Amplifier with NCORE

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Bel Canto REF600
Bel Canto, just recently announced the new REF600M monoblock amplifier which utilizes NCORE technology. The new REF600M raises the bar on e.One power, providing greater performance and value. Bel Canto combines NCORE amplifier technology with its unique input filtration, custom loading design, and compact chassis to deliver high power and the capability to drive and control speakers with ease. The REF600M is designed to provide balanced, transparent and natural sound.

Bel Canto’s custom Impedance Optimized Input Stage uses low noise and low distortion amplifiers, precision film resistors, and audio grade power supply capacitors. DC Coupling with short audio signal paths and high quality output wiring into WBT NextGen connectors ensure that all of the amplifier’s potential is achieved. Dual gainmode option and 5/12V trigger increase system integration options for use with a wide range of loudspeakers and systems.

NCORE uses an innovative 5th order loop filter that delivers ultra-low noise and distortion performance over the entire audio bandwidth, delivering purity of musical sound. The new REF600M has a 1200 watt power supply in true mono-block architecture that maintains stability and performance into any load. Output power is 300 watts into 8 ohms, 600watt into 4 ohms, stable into 3 ohms. Connections are via balanced or RCA inputs and the latest WBT NextGen speaker connectors.

Look for more information about the REF600M monoblock amplifier on the Bel Canto website:

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