Akiko Audio RCA Tuning Caps

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Akiko Tuning Caps
Akiko Audio has just released their own RCA caps for audio electronics. The new Akiko Audio RCA Tuning Caps, as their name implies, go much further then just isolating RCA input jacks from dust and unwanted electro (EMI/RFI) pollution but actually play an active part in tuning the system they are used in.

Each Akiko Audio RCA Tuning Cap incorporates a cell filled with Akiko’s proprietary mineral formula that effectively reduces high frequency noise is the component it is used with. The result is that more subtle musical details will become audible. The caps are another variant and application of Akiko Audio’s proven tuning formula that is in their other home-made products.

Every RCA Cap undergoes a lengthy cryogenic treatment and is provided with a 10mm Akiko Audio Chip. A Teflon inlay provides extra absorption.

Akiko Rhodium Caps

The new Tuning Caps are available immediately and come in a gold or rhodium edition. These metals have a subtle influence on the rendering: gold sounds warmer, rhodium slightly more neutral.

Akiko Audio firmly believes that it is essential to pay attention to the proper tuning of an audio system, to maximize musical enjoyment…as they say, “less noise means more music!”

For more information, pricing and to order, visit: http://www.akikoaudio.com

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