Bryston BryFi BW-1 Wireless, Portable Multi-room Music System

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Bryston BryFi BW-1

Canadian audio product manufacturer Bryston has just announced the BryFi BW-1, the company’s first wireless, portable multi-room music system.  This all-in-one system is comprised of: Bryston Mini A 3-way stereo loudspeakers, a 150 watt stereo amplifier (2×75) and an on-board Raspberry Pi computer.

The BryFi allows you to play the highest resolution music files without compression. It’s time to unleash the power of BryFi by accessing your music library, plugging in a USB drive of music, or streaming web radio stations. All controlled by your wireless interface smart phone, tablet, computer or other network device. Lose the wires. Keep the sound quality. The new BryFi provides unbelievably powerful, dynamic, high quality audio with the freedom to go anywhere. BryFi can be added to your local network or take it with you to go. No Wifi? No Worries. BryFi broadcasts its own network for users to connect to. Just join the BryFi hotspot and your phone or tablet can access the user interface.

BryFi broadcasts its own control interface providing the choice to play music from your smart phone, tablet, computer or any other network device. The user interface was designed to be a convenient way to play any song in your user library, across one or multiple BryFi’s. Play in just one room or across all BryFi enabled rooms. The BryFi Control Interface allows you to sync to existing music files on your devices.Bryston BryFi BW-1 02

BryFi provides a 150 watts of continuous output power. What does 150 watts of continuous output mean? Many companies list their peak power output – the levels they can hit for a short burst of power like an explosion, but unfortunately they can’t hold that level for a long period like an epic guitar solo. Bryston only lists the continuous power ratings. 150 watts (2 x 75 watts per channel) is enough sound output to make a presentation clearly audible in a room of 50 people.

BryFi utilizes the Raspberry Pi – a micro-computer about the size of a credit card – as the ‘brains’ behind the system. The programming is open source and as new features and applications are developed you can easily update your BryFi by simply clicking the ‘Update’ button on the user interface.

In related news, Bryston also expects to launch Wireless Powered Speaker versions of the Bryston A Series loudspeakers in the near future.

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