AudioXperts 4TV Audio Entertainment Consoles

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AudioXperts 4TV Audio Entertainment Consoles

AudioXperts is a new luxury audio brand that just began shipping its first products called the 4TV Audio Entertainment Consoles, slim cabinets that incorporate speakers and electronics and sit on top of a TV cabinet and under your flat-screen TV.  There are two different models to choose from.  The 4TV Audio Entertainment Consoles are said to offer component-audio quality for TV and music in a lifestyle package that eliminates clutter and connection confusion.

The 4TV 2112 ($1,999 US) and the two-piece 4TV 5122 ($3,999) feature smoked-glass and aluminum enclosures and a variety of embedded technologies, including patent-pending High Aspect Ratio Transducer (HART) driver technology, Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, Apple audio USB input, connection for an optional Apple Airport Express, Bluetooth audio streaming with CSR’sAptX codec, and multiple surround modes and EQ settings, including a Voice Intelligibility Enhancement setting.  Both 4TV products use the TV to switch video sources. The height of each model is no more than 2.5 inches. The 800-watt-peak 5122 features 5.1-channel output with a wireless 12-inch subwoofer that can stand upright with included feet or lie flat, including directly underneath the 5122’s main console.  The 2.1-channel 350-watt-peak Model 2112 incorporates built-in subwoofer said to deliver the equivalent bass output of a separate 8-inch powered subwoofer.

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