BG Radia FS-420 Loudspeaker

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BG Radia has just recently announced their new FS-420 loudspeaker. This new speaker is a floor standing planar ribbon loudspeaker. In fact, the three planar ribbon drivers operate as dipoles with their radiating area completely open. The FS-240 was designed to reveal subtleties even in very complex music and soundtracks. BG Radia claims that the FS-420 provides an extremely high degree of resolution and transparency, while being free of mid-range congestion.

The FS-240 is hand crafted in the USA and backed by a BG Radia limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and manufacture, when purchased through an authorized BG Radia dealer.

The new FS-420 will be available in October 2011 in a palette of custom colors, for $2500 U.S. each.

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