HiFiMAN HE-440S Planar Magnetic Headphones

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HiFiMAN 400S
HiFiMAN has announced a new full-size planar magnetic headphone – the HE-400S, which is their most affordable planar magnetic headphone, to date.

The new HE-400S weighs just over 12 ounces (350 grams), making it about 30% lighter than comparable headphones for added comfort and portability. A headband that fits most heads and new beveled velour ear pads ensure a good fit for comfort and improved sound quality.

Newly designed single-ended planar magnetic drivers in an open-back design provide clarity, lifelike soundstage and spatial imaging, while sensitivity is increased up to 98dB with an impendence of 22 Ohms. This allows the HE-400S to work with portable music players unassisted; however, even greater performance is achievable with the use of a dedicated headphone amplifier.

A newly-designed hybrid cable using Oxygen-Free Silver and Copper was chosen for HE400S to provide a higher level of performance. The HE-400S also has 2.5mm plug-in connectors for ease of use and quick connection as well as ease of replacement.

Key Features of the HiFiMAN HE-400S:

•Planar magnetic technology provides remarkable detail and lifelike clarity with superior soundstage and spatial imaging
•Lowest priced planar magnetic headphone on the market
•Increased efficiency so it is even easier to drive. Can be used with portable audio devices such as an iPod or smartphone or high performance amp
•Ergonomic headband provides optimum comfort and wide range of adjustment
•Lightest weight in class for increased comfort for hours of listening enjoyment.
•Beveled velour ear pads provide increased comfort and improved sound
•Newly-designed cable with easy plug-in connectors

The new HiFiMAN HE-400S headphones are now available at a MSRP of: $299 U.S. Look for more details at: http://www.hifiman.com

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