HiFiMAN Headphones Price Reduction

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It’s not often that we see a company reducing prices on their audio products but when it does happen, it’s worth taking note.

HiFiMAN, a company specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality headphone products has just announced a reduction on the prices of a few models of headphones in their product line-up. The official letter indicates that the price reduction is possible due to growth in the brand worldwide, which has led to greater manufacturing efficiencies.

The prices have been significantly reduced on both their HE-300 and HE-500 full-size headphone models, as follows:

Effective November 12th, new MSRPs will be:

HE-300 $249 U.S. with new improved velvet earpads and more flexible cable

HE-500 $699 U.S. with new improved leather earpads and silver cable

Look for more details on these products at: www.hifiman.com

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