Meitner MA-2 Integrated Playback System

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These days, music listeners want more from their digital devices than mere CD playback. “More” is just what the Meitner Audio MA-2 Integrated Playback System delivers. Made in response to popular requests, the new Meitner Audio MA-2 Integrated Playback System combines EMM Labs’ award winning DAC technology with a no compromise CD playback system for demanding music listeners who desire to play CD’s and also use it with a server or computer. The MA-2 has multiple digital inputs including USB audio, AES, TOSLINK and SPDIF all supporting up to 24bit/192kHz for maximum flexibility. Like our award winning MA-1 DAC, it also supports DSD streaming over USB.

Key Features of the Meitner MA-2 include:

  • MFAST asynchronous technology to completely get rid of source jitter
  • MDAT DSP: 2xDSD (5.6Mhz) up-sampling DSP which preserves phase, frequency and dynamic integrity of waveforms
  • MCLK sub-pico second high-purity master clock that establishes new benchmarks in jitter performance
  • The standard-setting proprietary MDAC dual differential discrete 5.6Mhz digital to analog converters
  • Completely new CD playback system with built in custom stabilizers that is accurate, responsive and quiet.
  • Updated power system with additional filtering and isolation for the CD playback systems.
  • Supports sampling rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192kHz at word lengths up to 24 bits on all digital inputs.
  • USB Audio supports DSD streaming via DoP 1.0.

USB works seamlessly with Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems and complies with the USB Class 2 audio interface standard.

The Meitner Audio MA-2 Integrated Playback System is currently shipping for $11,000 US. To request a demo or find a dealer in your area please email

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