Oracles: World’s First Hybrid AR Board Game

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Meet the world’s first hybrid game that combines a traditional gameboard together with an Augmented Reality (AR) experience!  Designed by a Toronto-based company, Oracles will be launching in a few weeks on Kickstarter.  Oracles is a 2 to 10 player team-oriented combat strategy board game that promises a gaming experience like no other. The objective is to win the game by occupying your enemy’s tavern. Like a traditional board game, it has a gridded physical board for the tactile movement of the figurines, painted miniatures, character cards, tokens and die. The game comes with 26 figurines and 158 tokens.  When used together with the company’s AR mobile app (for iOS and Android), players will be able to see special characters and elements that are not visible on the gameboard.  Check out a cool preview video of the game below:

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