Spatial Audio Hologram M3 Open Baffle Speaker

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Spatial Audio Hologram M3
Spatial Audio is set to introduce their next generation open-baffle technology Hologram M3 loudspeaker at the T.H.E. Show, Newport this May. The new passive, plug and play open-baffle speaker has been in devleopment since 2011 and is the company’s first major step forward in open-baffle design since the original Emerald Physics CS2 in 2007.

The new Hologram technology was developed to provide outstanding musical realism within a completely passive design; eliminating the need for bi-amping or DSP equalization. The Hologram’s full-range, open baffle design leverages twin 15 inch drivers with a system sensitivity of 95dB that allows the entire music dynamics to be recreated. Unlike most high-efficiency speaker designs, the Hologram M3 exhibits high accuracy via its linear frequency response and controlled directivity design.

Unqualified Specifications:
Type: 2-way, point source, dynamic open-baffle
Drivers: Two 15 inch mid/woofers, One 1 inch exit compression driver – coaxially mounted
Crossover: Hologram Circuit – 800 Hz symmetrical
Freq. Response: 32Hz – 20kHz +/- 3dB in room response
Impedance: 4Ω Nominal – low phase angle
Sensitivity: 95dB/2.83V @ 1M
Dimensions: 42T x 20W x 13 inches
Weight: 75 Lbs Net

The new Spatial Audio Hologram M3 loudspeaker will have a MSRP of: $1495 U.S./pair (Standard Version) and $1895 U.S./pair (Turbo Version with WBT Nextgen, premium caps). Look for more information at:

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