Target Audio Introduces VWL Wall Stand

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Target Audio Turntable Stand New For 2020

Target Audio Products UK developed the first ever wall mounted turntable stand in 1983. Since that time, the company’s original VW design which is still sold today, has been the benchmark of the industry. The original company no longer exists but the latest offering, the VWL stand was developed to the same high standard.

All turntables, from budget to enthusiast designs, benefit from mechanical coupling to control and isolate. The design of this stand isolates by coupling turntables and components to an immovable surface, your wall.

There are hundreds of products designed to isolate turntables through the use of mechanical de-coupling. These do not eliminate the effect of mechanical energy, they only lessen its effect by partially absorbing and redirecting energy.

Coupling the component to an immovable surface eliminates the mechanical energy. The sonic benefits of using a wall mounted stand are well known and prove beneficial to any listener. The wall mounted turntable can focus its energy on reproducing music faithfully, without compromise.

Here are the highlights of this stand:

• Strong, attractive formed steel, cantilever wall shelf design for turntables and components

• Effectively eliminates mechanical vibrations and footfalls

• Attractive, durable matte black appearance with solid performance

• Cable management port for easy routing and clean installation

• Underside mounted rubber absorption pad to eliminate stray vibration

• Solid wall mounted design for any turntable up to 26 lbs. / 12 kg

• Includes mounting hardware and multilingual instructions

The Target Audio VWL stand retails for $125. For more info, check out

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