Nordost Leif Purple Flare USB 2.0 Cable


Nordost Purple Flare USBAt last week’s High End 2015 show in Munich, Nordost launched their Purple Flare USB 2.0 cable, which serves as the entry-level USB option in Nordost’s product line.

With computer audio and music streaming becoming increasingly popular, music servers and DACs are being incorporated into hi-fi systems. To enhance the performance of such systems, cabling must be a careful consideration. The new Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data Cable offers an affordable alternative to increase the performance of such systems.

The new Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data Cable combines OFC conductors with Nordost’s innovative precision FEP extrusion technology, greatly reducing dielectric properties in order to increase signal speeds and ensure both electrical and sonic integrity. This double-shielded cable provides the detailed and dynamic results that music servers and DACs are capable of.

Digital cables make a difference, and USBs are no exception. The Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data cable aims to deliver music data with maximum precision and in turn lift the performance of the system it is used in.

The new Purple Flare USB 2.0 cables is now available in standard, mini and micro terminations at a MSRP of: $199.99 / 0.6 meter. Look for more information to be provided at: