Acoustic Transparency Products Custom Speaker Grilles

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Acoustic Transparency Products Custom Speaker Grilles

If you need replacement speaker grilles for your loudspeakers or custom grilles for a pair of DIY speakers, you should definitely look at Acoustic Transparency Products (ATP).  This company designs and manufactures after-market loudspeaker grilles for the OEM, DIY and retail markets.  ATP’s modular design enables the speaker grilles to fit a wide range of loudspeaker brands and models, whether new, older or even DIY designs.  The grilles are available in a wide range of colours to ensure a close match with just about any pair of speakers.  The company has invested considerable time into research and development to ensure both superb acoustic performance and high quality construction.

Acoustic Transparency Products is looking to establish a sales network with DIY companies (for speaker-grille kits) and premium audio retailers for fully assembled, Ready-To-Go loudspeaker model-specific grilles.  For more info, please visit

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