Audioengine B1 Premium Bluetooth Music Receiver

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Audioengine B1

Audioengine just recently announced the introduction of their new B1 Premium Bluetooth Music Receiver.  The new B1 is a high-fidelity audio component that streams high-quality audio from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, computer, or tablet to any music system or powered speakers.

Bluetooth device pairing is easily done with the B1 and requires no special setup or software.  Consumers with Bluetooth on their tablets, computers, or iDevices, can get a fuller experience with the Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Receiver including aptX, 24-bit upsampling DAC, and extended range.

The aluminum case of the B1 reflects traditional Audioengine design and the high-quality components and audio fidelity are typical of Audioengine’s commitment to great sound at affordable prices.  

Key Features:
Easy setup, connects in seconds
Plug-n-play, no software to install
Superior sound and extended range
Streams audio from any media player
Connects to any music system

The Audioengine B1 Premium Bluetooth Music Receiver has MSRP of $189 U.S. and is currently available.  For a complete list of product features and specifications, visit:

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