InFocus IN5316HD & IN5318 Projectors

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InFocus Corp. has just announced the release of two new high-definition installation projectors in their IN5300 series. The InFocus IN5300 series are focused, pardon the pun, on providing installation flexibility, high brightness, sharp images for a variety of applications.

InFocus’s IN5300 projectors provide ultra high-definition at a competitive price. With lumen ratings ranging from 4000–4500, these projectors provide high brightness with colors and images popping off the screen even in high ambient light.

The new compact form of InFocus IN5300 series allows for greater flexibility, including fitting into a 2×2 ceiling tile. With three lens options (standard and optional short-throw and long-throw zoom), the IN5300 projectors can easily be configured for any environment. In addition, lens shift enables the projector to be mounted off-center, providing even greater flexibility in installation. All lenses can be used through the entire range of the horizontal and vertical lens shift.

The new models in the InFocus IN5300 series are, as follows:

The new InFocus IN5316HD DLP projector combines high-definition 1080 resolution with the most advanced digital connectivity, featuring HDMI digital inputs and DisplayPort, the most powerful display connection to date.

The new InFocus IN5318 DLP projector offers ultra-high WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution with high brightness at 4000 lumens. DisplayPort technology provides compatibility with the newest connection types, such as Thunderbolt.

The IN5300 series projectors are now available at the following MSRP:
InFocus IN5316HD ? $5,699 U.S.
InFocus IN5318 ? $5,999 U.S.

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